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Akhil Gunda, Co-Founder

Akhil Gunda


"Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion," so said Seth Godin, an American author. This precisely mirrors the entrepreneurial journey of Akhil Gunda, who conceived the idea of setting up his venture in finance domain while pursuing entrepreneurship from the Indian School of Business. His further learning was fueled when he worked six months in a hardcore Indian startup. Also, a spark of interest in Finance mixed with FinTech booming globally and budding in India inspired him to offer a FinTech and Digital Lending platform that caters to Indian borrowers. He even found that there was a huge credit requirement and people were looking for an easy, convenient and instant way of borrowing. Also, the banks still lend money based on people's credit history and thorough documentation. Thus, with deep seated passion and commitment, Akhil launched his dream project QC is India's leading digital lending FinTech platform that offers borrowers instant, flexible cash loans, salary advance loans, and travel loans without needing any hectic paperwork and security. Started from Hyderabad in 2016, is serving every Tier-I city and disbursing around 12,000 applications monthly which were initially 100. Also, the company that started with just four people
today has grown profoundly to 40 experts working to ensure the flow of applications and loan disbursal 24x7. It has been featured and well recognized on several platforms nationwide and also placed among the top 10 online lending products for short term/salary advances. Today, QC has cornered the market with more than 8 lakhs visitors and 2.5 lakhs approved borrowers.

QC is India's leading digital lending FinTech platform that offers borrowers instant, flexible cash loans, salary advance loans, and travel loans without needing any hectic paperwork and security

India is a credit starved nation. realized that there is a void in the marketplace catering to borrowers seeking instant cash loans. The dedicated team at QC is striving to get the red tape out of the entire process of availing credit. So, a simple one time registration is followed by a quick verification/approval and instant fund transfer. The company focuses on urban microfinance embedded with borrower focus, convenience, and instant finance. It has a unique borrower information gathering system in place to perform data analytics to get further insights. QC's target audience is people working in SME, MSME, and MNCs who have either a low credit score or no credit score. "There is a segment that doesn't have a great credit score or/and required documentation. But this segment has enough creditworthy borrowers with high credibility.They are willing to pay for convenience, less paperwork, instant approval, and instant cash. We are aiming to change the way credit is given in India. It has to be simple as a click on cash in the bank account," adds Akhil.

The journey so far for is full of learning. The team puts a great amount of effort in understanding the borrower's problem & creating a solution, developing the product Web/ Mobile App &testing it, and underwriting algorithm. QC also nurtures a flexible workplace culture that promotes result oriented growth where the team has the flexibility to choose how/what to work on and then accordingly choose their growth/skill based on the results. In spite of some initial roadblocks, the team never stopped moving forward and was always in sync with the changing technology, social media, marketing channels, SEO methods, and more. With other plans in the pipeline, QC envisions to expand into 200 cities by 2020 and is looking forward to joining hands with an e-Commerce site for EMI facility for new people with no credit score.