Quikish: A Pioneering Brand That Aims At Constant Innovation

Akshay Puljal,CEOQuikish is quickly growing into a pioneering name in the Indian easy-to-cook market and the quality and convenience of their offerings have helped the company to create a niche in the industry within a short span of time. The company is the brain child of four long-standing friends and entrepreneurs Akshay Puljal, Hrishikesh Raj Saxena, Prashant Pai and Narendra Challa. They have been able to complement each other's strengths very well and this has helped Quikish to aim for holistic development in the industry. The company's easy to cook dishes are pre mixed freshly packed products and Quikish prioritizes on constant innovation and research to grow stronger every day.

While talking about the inception story behind Quikish and the market opportunities the company foresees, AkshayPuljal,­ CEO, Quikish, says, "We came up with the idea of starting Quikish during last June and me and the rest of my partners wanted to make cooking an easy activity in the kitchen. We see our product as something that makes cooking much more convenient for people. Usually, sourcing and prepping takes up the most amount of time while cooking and we will take care of both those steps.All that the customer needs to do is cook the dish for 15-20 mins to get hot meals at home. After a successful test run, we have now grown into seven cities including Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, and even in Goa as well. Change in behavioral habits of the consumers and the growing middle-income group has been a huge boost for our industry. We see immense potential in this market going forward. We ensure that the products that we offer are easy to cook but at the same time, we prioritize on food being fresh and absent of any harmful substances or preservatives. All our ingredients are

clearly marked and everything we do is done in-house. We don't out source anything and this allows us to guarantee the quality and hygiene of the products that we offer. To offer premium quality products, we source the best products from around the world and within many places from India as well"

Quikish has a high customer retention rate and the scale of their production has also increased drastically within a short span of time. This acts as a testament that showcases the quality of their offerings.

"We have a vast array of starters, curries and one pot meals to offer and we are one of the very few in the market that has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian freshly prepped dishes. We do a lot of research and development to come up with new products and we regularly include more and more dishes in to our portfolio. From the beginning itself we gave major emphasis on our packaging and all our products are vacuum sealed so that they remain fresh longer, taste better and stay safe during delivery as well. We also follow a direct to consumer selling approach and this allows us to cut out the middlemen and get the direct feedback from the customers. Customers can purchase our products through our website or through our IOS or Android app. We also accept telephonic orders as required. Being a direct seller also allows us to offer our products at a much cheaper rate and in a price sensitive market like India, this helps us to attract more customers as well. As far as marketing is concerned, we do a lot of digital marketing campaigns to get the word out about our products into the market", avers, Akshay while talking about the uniqueness and diversity of their product portfolio.

Quikish has also introduced ‘Quikish Professionals' where they are offering the same products to hotels or restaurants in large quantities. Owing to the quality of their offerings, Quikish has a high customer retention rate and the scale of their production has also increased drastically within a short span of time. This acts as a testament that showcases the quality of their offerings.Evolving with the changing market conditions, Quikish is aiming to expand their operations into other cities across India and set up another production unit in Delhi. They have recently introduced western dishes into their product portfolio and are adding some delectable spreads in the coming months.