RaaS Plaza: Offering Robotics as a Service to transform Business Operations

Venkatesh Babu,   FounderAutomation has, since 2021, after a year long unparalleled disruption for businesses, become one of the most sought after solutions to get operations back on track. When thinking of automation, most individuals can only think of its application in logistics, shop floor, and automation vehicles. However, technological advancement has broadened the scope of this term to include many more services like the automation of “knowledge of workers” or “digital workforce” or “virtual employees”. Corporate executives are attempting to remain competitive by utilizing the advantages of an RPA-led digital workforce to initiate their company's digital transformation. This leads to employees who collaborate with robots and intelligent machines. RaaS Plaza, a product of the Glosap Consulting Group, founded in 2019 provides unrivaled RPA services.

Glosap Consulting Group, headquartered in Singapore, and founded in 2006 allows businesses to modernize using RPA Solutions that provide a high degree of precision, accuracy, and objectivity. In the area of Advanced Robotic Process Automation, Glosap serves as a professional service collaborator as a technology provider of Intelligent Automation solutions. Having established itself as a leader in Singapore, Glosap expanded globally in the following years, and created a Center of Excellence in Chennai, TN, India. “An entrepreneur needs to have the capacity, the courage, and the willingness to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any risks in

order to make a profit” says Venkatesh Babu, founder, Glosap Consulting Group. With this idea and with a firm understanding of the needs of small and medium sized organizations to find affordable automation services, the company developed RaaS Plaza. The biggest benefit of RaaS is that end users can now shift their capital expenditure(CAPEX)to an operational expenditure(OPEX) allowing them to deploy solutions without large upfront costs. Digital Work force @ Zero Upfront Cost!

Glosap’s RaaS solution empowers enterprises to dramatically reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, improve productivity and accelerate performance. Robotic process automation is part of the full process automation solutions offered by RaaS Plaza. RaaS Plaza RPA is quick and economical, enabling businesses to tackle the challenges of the modern world by giving them the tools to strengthen the robustness and scalability of their operations. RaaS Plaza RPA's user-friendly drag-and-drop capability makes it possible for non-developers throughout the organization to train, control, and install bots, removing the need for knowledgeable developers to carry out tasks. RPA bots may be used with RaaS Plaza to accomplish results throughout the whole organization, spanning spreadsheets to websites to legacy software. With major applications in Finance, Sales, Order management, 3PL Logistics, Invoicing, Payment processing, Bank reconciliation, Employee Creation, Purchase Order Creation, Payroll Processing, among others, RPA can transform even business aspect to be much more efficient.

The term "Robotics-As-A-Service"(RaaS)refers to a new business strategy in which robots are provided as a service rather than a product to manage an organization's most laborious, routine, recurring, or dangerous operations across many locations. An innovative business concept called robotics as a service (RaaS) combines cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and shared services. Clients who use RaaS can lease robotic equipment as a cloud based service rather than purchasing an integrated system. RaaS provides purchasers with a customizable sales process. Additionally, increased customer and staff loyalty, as well as improved employee involvement, are some of the turning factors that have made robotics as a service (RaaS) the darling of forward-thinking companies.“ RaaS” not only build the desired automation applications, they run and maintain the robots. You only pay for the actual usage.

Flexible price based on volume of the Transactions
Innovating new concepts, revolutionizing the IT sector, RaaS Plaza and Glosap Group are changing the way the world sees Robotics. “We are also planning to expand the company to a few more countries. Down the line, we want to eventually be a global company, providing the best Value adding Innovative solutions partner for the Enterprises” adds Mr. Babu. The aim to become the most prominent name worldwide, is the driving force leading them to create excellent solutions for all clients.