Radhika Choudary: Driven with a Vision to Set New Benchmarks in Solar Industry

Radhika Choudary, Co-Founder & Director

Radhika Choudary

Co-Founder & Director

Entrepreneurship necessitates both creativity and innovation. Great entrepreneurs are continuously coming up with novel and imaginative ways to bring about essential improvements. Because innovation is critical to the success of any firm, entrepreneurs who can innovate are more likely to succeed. They understand that it is crucial to improve their business to stay ahead of the competition.

With a commitment to driving sustainability and future readiness, Radhika Choudary, Co-Founder & Director, Freyr Energy, has been one such individual who has always been tenacious and resilient in developing a competent company in the field of solar energy. Radhika Choudary is a professional with a forward thinking mindset, particularly when it comes to making a beneficial influence on the environment with her knowledge of solar energy. She has been instrumental in establishing Freyr's pan India footprint and spearheading various key projects across industries. Radhika completed her MS in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University in 2006 and her B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University in 2004. Before co-founding Freyr Energy, she worked for some of the most well known multinational corporate in the solar sector.

Even though the solar business has been on a favorable growth trajectory, a seamless PAN India play was still lacking. Recognizing this, Freyr Energy's mission has been to make solar solutions available at affordable prices
to its clients across the country. The company has been raising awareness about the advantages of solar energy and its role in promoting sustainability.

Radhika is backed by Freyr's Co-Founder Saurabh Marda, a dynamic business leader who is committed to reversing the economic and environmental consequences of today's energy landscape by expanding India's solar energy sector. His singular focus on increasing knowledge, affordability, and accessibility of rooftop solar systems led to the creation of SunPro+. This one-of-a-kind platform enables their sales team and channel partners to run their businesses with ease. He has over 12 years of expertise in business strategy, sales and operations and crossfunctional knowledge in the solar industry.

Speaking of Freyr Energy, the company takes pride in offering best inclass rooftop solar installations to its niche residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The organization has successfully assisted consumers around the country in harnessing solar energy and saving significantly on monthly electricity expenses. Freyr ensures transparency of information and a hassle-free experience from presale to post installation by hand holding consumers through their app­unPro+.

We are focused on standardizing this industry, wherein, we have a presence across 24 states and have become one of the top 15 solar companies in the country consistently for the last three years

Bringing the Needed Innovation
As a digital first firm, Freyr Energy has devised an intuitive app called SunPro+. This app simplifies the transition to solar for households and businesses. SunPro+ allows a prospective customer to learn all about solar through resources from Freyr's knowledge center assess individual requirements & generate a quote instantly, track the progress of solar rooftop installation monitor the performance of the solar system with ease, receive instant support for all the queries through the Sunbot, and access all documents related to the solar system available in the app. SunPro+ is a one-of-a-kind app that streamlines and simplifies the process of owning a solar system. It documents the entire solar journey of the customer, from exploration to ownership.

"The Solar Industry is witnessing significant changes with the integration of the latest technology and systems. For instance, the integration of Virtual net metering (VNM) would positively affect the market, wherein, we want to constantly upgrade our capabilities to stay relevant with the changing market dynamics", concludes Radhika Choudary Co-Founder & Director.