Rainbird Healthcare Business Services:Revolutionizing the Revenue Cycle Management Space for Healthcare Entities

 Mohan Krishna Urath,   Founder and CEO

Mohan Krishna Urath

Founder and CEO

Effective revenue cycle management is crucial for running a profitable medical practice. Healthcare systems are constantly struggling to provide and sustain a strong revenue cycle performance despite the fluctuations in the industry dynamics. However, the process is complex and difficult to achieve. This situation calls for a solution that addresses the access of care, quality of care along with improved revenues and reduced costs for providers Enter Rainbird Healthcare Business Services.

Rainbird is a company that provides software and services in the revenue cycle management (RCM) space for hospitals and physician groups in the USA. Their services simplify the insurance payment processes using workflow automation, robotic interfaces, and pre-defined algorithms that result in at least a 20 percent improvement in revenue for the doctors/hospitals within a period of 6 months of engagement.

Mohan Krishna Urath, the founder & CEO of Rainbird Healthcare Business Services (Rainbird) founded the company in February 2018. Mohan comes with over 25 years of experience in the revenue cycle management (RCM) industry and with prior experience of building and monetizing two companies in this space before Rainbird. This is his third venture to create value for all the players in the industry. Along with his colleagues Eswaran Narasimhan (Director of product development) and Udayan Banerjee (Director of product strategy), he created Rainbird to focus on providing revenue enhancement rather than cost reduction in the RCM space.

The company operates through its two main offices, one in the U.S and one in India. When the U.S office handles the sales, contacting, and legal procedures, the Indian branch
manages the back office where all the processing is carried out under the company's methodology.

This has significantly helped in reducing the percentage of denials and avoiding the denials of the same nature again.

Differentiating Factor
When their competitors pitch themselves in the market with 30-40 percent of cost-reduction in processing, as their value proposition, Rainbird stands out for their services that improve the turnover or the revenue of the hospitals and physician groups by at least 20%. "We are the only one in the RCM space that offers an 18-20 percent revenue improvement, and that is the unique aspect of our methodology” shares Mohan. He believes by doing so, the company has brought disruption to the market. Over the last two years Mohan, Eswaran and Udayan have tested their methodology with clients and come out with outstanding results of a minimum of 35 percent improvement in the revenue of their clients on an average.

Udayan Banerjee, Director-Product Stratergy

Eswaran Narasimhan, Director-Product Development

Rainbird has incorporated technological advancements like digitization, robotics, and natural language processing algorithms into their operations which resulted in enhancing their productivity by four times. With the help of disrupting technologies, they are able to focus on every process and sub process right from the doctor seeing the patient, the treatments, and the case sheet preparation. This case sheet is later analysed using these technologies(like AI) and processed to detect what sort of denials come from the insurance companies, how to take action on them, and how not to repeat them.