Rainbow Monkey: A Fashion Brand Promoting Gender Equality, Self-Love & Freedom of Choice

Priyal Thakkar,Founder & Creative Director

Priyal Thakkar

Founder & Creative Director

Fashion is largely a form of self-expression, often driven by the word `change'. In this contemporary world customers' preferences are changing dramatically pertaining to ubiquitous fashion trends. This phenomenon has made it even more challenging for brands to sustain the evolution and stand out. This is where Rainbow Monkey is proving its stance. A new age fashion brand, Rainbow Monkey is not only elevating the level of fashion by following retrospective trends but is also promoting gender equality through its clothing ideas.

The Origination
With a determination to propose something that significantly appreciates differences and nurtures love betwixt individuals for their self and others, Priyal Thakkar solely took the initiative and identified her dream under the brand name Rain-bow Monkey in 2019. Not specifying her clothing collection range under the spectrum of gender, size & shape (no price variance), and colours, she accoutres it with positive happy feelings like nostalgic fun, optimism, quirkiness and passion to enjoy life.

Priyal is a fashionista who graduated from United world Institute of Design (UID) College in Fashion & Apparel Design. She comes armed with high pedigree industry experience with stalwarts such as Manish Arora,
Shantanu Das, and more. Adding the extra zing to her sense of style is her genuinely lived up thoughts to sail to the infinity of times soaking in the colours of rainbow, and enjoying the flowers' fragrance.

Through her apparel collections, she plays around with the idea of capturing memories, and reminiscing the emotions brought out by different people from different times during her life. Inducing 60s, 80s, and 90s theme, the brand's collections free from gender bias are offered to clients classified under two major heads- kids and adults. The clothing comes in different patterns of colours (personating people's memories) and style such as kurtas, shirts, full sleeves shirts, and more. Also, the fabric used in production is 100 percent cotton, procured from the rejected fabric slots of bigger mills like Raymond, Arvind, and others. Priyal heads Rainbow Monkey on her own and is backed by a talented team of tailors. Her works have been exhibited at Lakmé Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week (under Manish Arora & Shantanu Das), featured on Vogue magazines/Vogue Runway.

The entire experience of shopping with Rainbow Monkey, starting from clicking `Add to Cart' button on the website, till the product is `Received & Opened' by the customer, is an exciting journey. Personally, customizing each package with tiny surprises inside, the brand transcends from being just another retailer. In-stead, it wishes to particularize each of its customer experience with exclusivity of service (they had with their online shopping on its website).

The brand wants to continue growing while also profoundly celebrating differences and individuality with all the colours in the spectrum.

Mapping the Future
Priyal believes that the fashion e-Commerce has been growing constantly irrespective of the challenges brought about by the looming COVID times. "Though, we were unfortunate to have launched the brand during the COVID times, and we relaunched our self in Sep 2020, starting off from a small capital of Rs. 40,000, doesn't seem to be a loss. We did experience an increase in sales with a 25 percent RoI in a short span of almost a year," she adds. The brand wants to continue growing while also profoundly celebrating differences and individuality with all the colours in the spectrum. Currently operating from Ahmedabad for its eCommerce business, the Rainbow Monkey is also planning to setup its offline store in the near future.