Rajkumari: Reliable Brand for High-end Quality Products at the most Competitive Price

Neha Sharma,Co-founder & Marketing and Operations Head

Neha Sharma

Co-founder & Marketing and Operations Head

With the rise of significant e-commerce businesses in India, the fashion retail landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Online shopping for goods and services is not a new phenomenon. However, the global pandemic has accelerated the rate at which online retailers operate and consumers shop online. In this fast-paced and highly competitive online retail landscape, it is essential to build customer trust. Only by providing the highest quality products and never failing to keep one's commitments can one attain the latter. One such online portal established in 2017 that is committed to providing the highest quality clothes at affordable prices is Rajkumari. Rajkumari is a tribute to Smt. Rajkumari Sharma, a boutique owner who catered to the masses with economical yet fashionable clothing. The fashion label bears her name and carries on her tradition of supplying affordable clothing via an e-commerce portal. The shopping portal was created by her three daughters, Neha Sharma, Tanishka Sharma, and Smrati Sharma, who are successfully advancing the Rajkumari brand under Jaspal Rajotiya's guidance and aiming to take it to newer heights.

Rajkumari offers clothes and accessories both for Women and Children. Its categories include Ethnic wear, Indo western Outfits, Co-Ords, Nightwear, Western Dresses like Jumpsuits, Dresses, Gowns, and many more.
Another unique catalog is its 99 Store that has both accessories and clothes at the most affordable prices. It is mainly for those who want trendy clothes within their modest budget. Also, the firm specializes in catering to the individual needs of all its clients and provides them with tailored outfits as per their specifications. Rajkumari keeps adding new products to the catalog, bringing in new styles and designs every 15 days. “Value for money is what we offer to all our customers. Our constant effort is to provide affordable yet stylish and trendy clothes to people in middle and lower income brackets. Our mantra is providing affordable fashion with great quality.” Jaspal Rajotiya, Co-Founder and CTO.

The firm is equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Noida. It sources the raw materials from various markets across the country and then transforms them into stunning ensembles for its consumers. Furthermore, the company has a specialized quality control team that guarantees that all of the products are of excellent quality and that no inferior materials are utilized in the production of the clothing. All in all, Rajkumari does not cut corners when it comes to quality. “Our customer support team is the backbone of our business, providing outstanding service to our clients and resolving their issues as promptly as possible,” Neha Sharma, Marketing and Operations Head.

Rajkumari does not cut corners when it comes to quality, its mantra is to provide affordable fashion with great quality

Rajkumari has grown slowly but steadily since its inception. The firm started with minimal inventory in the year 2015. Since then, the company has never looked back, as it has always received positive feedback from customers. Smrati Sharma, Creative Head adds “Today, we can proudly say that we have a loyal clientele not just in India but also overseas. Many of our customers are from Australia, Dubai, the UK, USA, who love our merchandise and keep ordering stuff in bulk." Significantly, Rajkumari’s exclusive designer outfits are selected for London Fashion week. Rajkumari is undoubtedly creating a niche in the fashion market both in India and abroad. And as it forges ahead, the firm aspires to be among the top fashion e-commerce retailers in India with a mission to have Brick and Mortar formats of the brand Rajkumari. “To navigate the obstacles of the dynamic retail sector, we have a strong business strategy that is regularly revised. We want to bring the Rajkumari brand name to every corner of the country and the entire Rajkumari family is working together to keep the company on track for success” concludes Tanishka Sharma, Co-founder & fashion designer.