RanjithVasi Reddy: Technology Driven Online Platform For Buying & Selling Verified Properties

Ranjith Vasireddy,  CEOIndian real estate market is expected to register a CAGR of over 15 percent during the period from 2022-27. Rapid industrialization, development of smart cities and increased disposable income have propelled the growth of this sector. Furthermore, several governmental initiatives such as affordable housing construction and interest subsidy for home buyers are playing a major role in driving the market growth. However, real estate segment is a fragmented space due to which property seekers face difficulties in finding out authentic information about sellers or the prospective estates. Moreover, the pervasion of the domestic real estate market is yet to gain its momentum due to fluctuating prices by property providers. This is where Estate Dekho comes in to provide an ecommerce platform for real estate dealings with affordable price range of properties and acts as a juncture of verified buyers and sellers.

Estate Dekho has brought in an online service platform that has simplified lead generation with the aid of technology and provides the buyers and sellers an easy access to the market. They observed the hindrances in the generation of leads and in managing them and has come up with a systematic process that streamlines their operations and helps in increasing revenues while abiding by the objective to offer the seekers both financial affluence and emotional security.

Journey towards Growth
Realizing the untapped potential of the real estate industry, the organization ventured into the market with the aim to revolutionize the mechanism it is governed by in order to make it an organized space. In the way to accomplish their vision, Estate Dekho had to battle many setbacks but they stood true to their vision and was headstrong to make their efforts successful. The journey throughout has been full of bumpy rides. Yet they overcame the challenges and has been contributing to the evolution of the Indian real estate industry through R&D and technological up gradation. The foundation of Estate Dekho was seeded in the time when the Founder and CEO of the company, Ranjith Vasireddy started started a performance marketing company which focused on generating leads for businesses during his tenure as an intern. Later it collaborated with Telangana Government, T-Hub at IIIT, Hyderabad Campus and launched a software company. As the software company scaled, he got an opportunity to work with bigger brands in real estate space.

There he identified the gaps and realised the importance of lead generation and its management. Learning how high the ticket price was in real estate, he decided to fill those gaps via managing leads through a CRM along with offering leads service to have an easy access to the market. That was how Estate Dekho incorporated. Started off with an investment as nominal as two lacs, they faced financial challenges in the initial stages. In the beginning, they targeted one city just to execute their plans due to which they understood the nuances in the system and problems in the market and as they designed a platform based on such inputs which was system driven. Hence, with their discpline they rose above the financial challenge to quite an extent and now Estate Dekho is almost selfreliant in such less
time for the potential people were sceptical about joining the newfound company.

Fortunately, with time and sheer patience, they have picked few of the bright minds through personal interviews and shared their vision that led the prospective candidates get associated with Estate Dekho. Alongside the process of finding out the right talent pool, today's workforce is thinking about quality of life, the workplace health, productivity of the corporate environment which can give birth to growth opportunities. Estate Dekho pays attention to all these crucial necessities while serving their customers and makes efforts to maintain harmony in their work atmosphere. Today Estate Dekho has clocked 2.25 crore revenues with a team of more than sixty employees across four branches in Hyderabad, Dehradun, Pune and Noida.

Services & Technology
Estate Dekho has developed their online platform that provides the users real estate suggestions by considering their preferred area or locality, budget, facilities and several other aspects. They act as an aggregator that engages the sellers with their potential audience and optimize their visibility to retain more property seekers. The platform lets the users compare varied price range of homes in the market. The system helps the users to match the sold prices with old property advertisements, photos of the concerned properties or acreage and the floor plans. Estate Dekho provides insights regarding commercial and residential assets along with farm and agricultural lands including HMDA or HUDA plots to the clients in order for them to choose the right fit for themselves. The company specializes in streamlining lead generation and managing them through CRM. Through their AMS and CMS enables system, they optimize the visibility of the sellers and increase customer engagement.

Estate Dekho delivers detailed analytics about the leads generation, crowds involving in a deal, site visits and sales. They efficiently manage end-to-end relationship among buyers, sellers and agents. They set up campaigns and schedule meetings in order to convert the client's requirement into saleability with a wide range of leads through source integration and automation. With a robust pre and post sales support, Estate Dekho leverages its power of innovation and technology to create an EMS driven interface that works towards gathering the genuine sellers under one umbrella in order to construct a feasible e-commerce platform for real estates.They have easing the process of communication between prospective buyers and sellers and sealing authentic deals. The users avail efficient assistance in making the suitable choice that fits their budgets. Estate Dekho is equipped with the ability to detect loopholes as well. While their offerings are cost saving their system empowers the sellers to enhance their revenue generation as well.

Ranjith Vasireddy adds, "Our key duty is to know the pulse of industry players and identify the loopholes in the system, understand the genuine problems and work for solving them via technology. Also, involving in the product development and coordinating with the team to ensure the product planned is being developed. We already developed EDi CRM based upon our research of the market conditions. The only way to understand the trends in the market is to be aligned with the ground level customers. Valuing their feedback & being connected to them are the ways to understanding the ever changing challenges they come across".

Prospective Vision
A lot of opportunities are going to be unfurled in this sector going forward as the real estate sector is unorganised and the only way to make it organised is through technology and automation. Estate Dekho already have a good hand in technology and allied aspects. Therefore, they are expecting themselves to be growing at much bigger pace in the years to come. "We aim to scale Estate Dekho aggressively throughout the country and disrupt the real estate and allied e-Commerce market in India.We envision to turn the unorganised real estate sector into an organised one", Vasireddy further adds.