RankTech Solutions: Re-Imagining Business Transaction Processes through Unified Communication Technologies

Anil P Kastuar,MD

Anil P Kastuar, MD

In today’s digital world, for companies looking to extend their market reach, digital innovations have proved to be a game changer. But not to be forgotten, to win over the digital customer, merely being digital is not enough. While technology brings greater efficiency to business operations, companies shouldn’t overlook human interaction and a personal approach. In fact, they need to weave in human interactions at varied touch points to address certain issues effectively, thus, a human touch is inevitable to deliver a truly holistic experience to the customer in the fastpacing digital world.

Over the past three decades, digitalization has been altering the fabric of daily traditional operations in several industries, by virtue of seamless synchronization with the internet oriented communications and offer virtual smart spaces. The rapid digital transformation has not only changed the way how an industry functions but has also drastically impacted the consumer behavior and perception in regards to availing numerous services. In this tornado of Digital disruption, Kolkata based RankTech Solutions innovative and transformative solution marks the advent of state of the art technology – ‘extending a Human Touch’.

The company is the brainchild of Anil P. Kastuar, an experienced professional with over four decades of hands-on experience in Manufacturing Industries, Operations and IT domains. In his illustrious career span, he has worked with leading names like TATA Steel, Haldia Petrochemicals, Labvantage Solutions to name a few and has provided solutions in Business Transformation
Management, SAP, ERP and others for large and SME segments.

" With global partners in USA, Middle East, Africa and others, the company caters to clients such as IndusInd Bank, GT bank – Nigeria, Vanguard Assurance – Ghana, Airtel, Future Generali, Apollo Munich, Reliance Mutual Fund, Matix Group and more"

Throwing light on the same, Anil says, “My involvement in providing seamless solutions by implementing newgen business and technology applications helped me sense an opportunity in the digital space and channelize it to transform the real world for better and sustainable future. Going indepth into it and understanding the business dynamics, I realized that though the world was turning digital, it at the same time, lagged behind in creating value for customers, to offer customized solutions. That made me think how vital it is for any business to capture a strong customer - base and create a niche for them.” Hence, in 2013, RankTech Solutions embarked on the digital transformation journey by developing Video based digital business platforms for BFSIs and gradually extended in other domains such as Healthcare, Education, Talent Acquisition, BPO and others.

Next Twist in Business Tales
In today’s industrial scenario, business solutions based on a video has emerged as one of the most ground breaking internetoriented communication technologies. This has immensely transformed the way businesses deliver customer support in the present day. “Digital Business platform will provide unrivalled intelligence, create profoundly new experiences and offer platforms that allow organizations to connect with new business ecosystems. At RankTech, we clearly understand this and are ready to disrupt the industries through our video-enabled product offerings,” asserts Anil.

As a software product and professional service company offering Off the Shelf (OTS)digital business platforms, RankTech has
digital disruptive platforms for BFSI, HealthCare, Education, Enterprise Talent Acquisition, Enterprise Training, Supply Chain Collaboration, Field Force Collaboration, CRM, Video Call Centers & BPOs.

Reimaging business transaction processes through Unified Communications Technologies, RankTech is the world’s first innovator of Video Banking Platform – KUBER. The platform is an outcome of innovative and smart software technology and was created for the Indus Ind bank, as a Video branch for Face-to-Face Banking, Anytime and Anywhere. Gaining tremendous success, the company soon took further leaps and penetrated into several other industries.

The company has widened its boundaries across various domains with platforms like VINUS – Video Insurance, HERMES – Video Financial Services, HEKA – Video Health Care, TENJIN – Video Education, ATHENA – Video Enterprise Talent Acquisition, MUSES–Video Enterprise Training & Development & PEGASUS - v Collaboration. RankTechs Smart Business Process feature includes Intelligent Call Management, Biometric Authentication, Geo Location, Mobility, OCR, vKYC, E-Signature, OTP,Text Chat, Document Exchange, Report & Analytics, Enterprise Application Integration Capabilities and more.

The Journey so Far
RankTech has its innovated & integrated webRTC based digital business platforms and is a National Tier-1 partner for Vidyo Technologies, Inc. the USA. With global partners in USA, Middle East, Africa and others, the company caters to clients such as IndusInd Bank, GT bank – Nigeria, Airtel, Vanguard Assurance – Ghana, Future Generali, Apollo Munich, Reliance Mutual Fund and more. Believing that its advanced technology will be the next game changer, RankTech, in the near future strives to Go Global, enhance Infrastructure, adapt and integrate to newer technologies and pave the path in future direction.