Rapha Cure: Unique Digital Healthcare Solution Created by Frontline Warriors

S Jeyakumar,Founder & Director

S Jeyakumar

Founder & Director

India is currently home to nearly 430 million active mobile internet users and the numbers are only going to increase going forward. This renders great scope for e-health services & solutions that can prove to be a game changer in the patient care space. Covid-19 has also brought about a rise in homegrown platforms for tele consultation, remote patient monitoring, tele medicine, video conferencing and Medical Record Systems (MCRs) that are facilitating better healthcare delivery systems. Launched in April 2021, Rapha Cure is one such one stopshop for digital healthcare solutions.

Drawing inspiration from the Hebrew word ‘Rapha’ which translates to ‘Healer’, the platform was developed by S Jeyakumar out of the need for an online healthcare service provider during the COVID-19 crisis. Jeyakumar brings 25 years of experience in this business and has earlier worked in the diagnostics industry and aggregator businesses. Interestingly, Rapha Cure is not backed by any big investor but is a collective effort by frontline workers which includes doctors and nurses.

The platform initially started with a tollfree number that had a coverage of multiple doctors. The idea is to create Pincode wise segregation. The platform maps on the Pin code verification, after which registration is required. Once these steps are completed, users can find the necessary information including doctors, COVID test, lab investigation, ambulance and blood banks.
“We aim to help entire Indians to get access to healthcare services,” says Jeyakumar.

Healthcare in Remote Areas
Tier 2 and Tier 3 Indian cities face an acute shortage of and telemedicine is the only solution to counter this challenge. Rapha Cure is extending its digital platform to Tier2 and Tier3 cities. This ensures that users can reach the platform on a certain toll free number and can leave the message in the chatbox, after which the team calls them back for support. Moreover doctors can conduct consultations through the digital platform in remote areas as well.

Drawing inspiration from the Hebrew word ‘Rapha’ which translates to ‘Healer’, the platform was developed by S Jeyakumar out of the need for an online healthcare service provider during the COVID-19 crisis

The company has also conducted a large vaccination program for one of its clients that wanted all of its employees and their family members to be vaccinated. Starting out with Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, Rapha Cure went on to cover Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities as well. “Every day, we have to call all the employees and make sure they got a slot on COWIN to ensure that vaccination was completed. We intend to expand our network to incorporate more clients,” says Jeyakumar.

Expanding to Provide New Services
The platform started at zero but has crossed four crores turnover currently.It has approximately 150 clients and over 1 lakh subscribers. Moreover, it has completed 50,000 vaccinations till date. In terms of telemedicine, Rapha Cure has worked for 25,000 hours. Apart from this, in Covid lab investigation, it has tested 20,000 samples in six months. Plans are underway to start its own blood bank as well. Going forward the platform will have increased focus on women and elder care.

The platform has completed 75 percent of the web portal and is set to launch it soon. “Hopefully, we will launch the mobile user interface within a month which will provide complete access of anything starting from pharmacy to ambulance,” explains Jeyakumar.

With a total workforce of 25 employees and indirect employment of 150, Rapha Cure has clients such as Altimetrik, Tata, Bosch and Hitachi Engineering among them It aims to gain 1 million subscribers within a year. With its steadfast approach, the platform is focussing to make India the world leader in ease of access to quality healthcare.