RB Science Research Lab: Propelling The Generation Of Quality Scientific Research Through State-Of-The-Art Facilities & Programs

Dr. Richa Mishra ,Founder Director

Dr. Richa Mishra

Founder Director

The domain of scientific research and training has been witnessing unprecedented growth. While the need for advanced research and training facilities has always been relatively higher than the availability of resources, the past few years have further fueled the demand for specialized facilities. RB Science Research Lab, founded in 2017, is a leading research and training institute which caters to research requirements in the fields of biological science and pharmaceuticals. The institute was developed upon recognizing the deteriorating quality of Ph.D research done by students, and the need for specialist facilities, guided by field experts, thereby facilitating scientific researchers to make remarkable discoveries and innovations.

A Powerhouse of Offerings
A while after working as a purely research enabling institute, RB expanded to include a training vertical catering to the pharmaceutical industry. Individuals can gain handson practical training in using instruments and methodologies pertinent to the industry’s manufacturing and quality control arenas. “Following COVID-19, there has been a noticeable increase in the demand for qualified pharmacy personnel. This offers a fantastic opportunity for emerging businesses in this industry. Herbal-based startups for nutraceutical and therapeutic use have also been encouraged
by the public's perception that herbal medicines have fewer side effects than allopathic treatments in general”, says Dr.Richa Mishra, Founder, RB Science Research Lab. This shift in demand for nutraceuticals, coupled with an increasing interest in health has led to the increased demand for skilled researchers and research facilities.

RB Science Research Lab, a service based platform, offers research facilities and training in the areas of drug design and synthesis of molecules, intermediates and impurities; extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents; standardization of herbal drugs; formulation development and characterization of novel drug delivery systems; microbiological testing of drugs and food products; quality control parameters analysis for food products, drugs and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the facility also provides job opportunities for synthetic chemists, pharmacologists (preclinical) and microbiologists.

Future Roadmap
With a vision to provide technical and practical expertise, inculcate ethics, discipline and skills in demand for the industry in students of pharmacy and allied life science, with the goal of promoting the highest research ethics and a spirit of innovative thinking in students, while providing the best research solutions in the industry, RB Science Research Lab has set clear goals for its future progress. The institute is on a mission to become the go-to training and research partner upon which the industry can completely depend.

RB Science Research Lab is on a mission to become the go-to training and research partner upon which the industry can completely depend

In pursuance of these missions, RB Science Research Lab has set its sights on expansion endeavors. “Starting with a really small capital investment, RB Science has been able to incorporate into its facilities quite a few sophisticated instruments for research and analysis. The clients have accepted the services of RB Science for their quality", further adds Dr.Richa. Keeping an upward growth trajectory in mind, the institute aims at developing a center of excellence for research in pharmaceutical and biological science in addition to a specialized training center. They are also focusing on the development of accredited facilities for the testing of drugs and food. The institute further hopes to delve into research on cancer cells through a dedicated institute or training center, planned for the future.