Real Better : Where PropTech Innovation Meets a Thriving Work Environment

 Gaurev Kapur,   Co-Founder

Gaurev Kapur


In today's competitive job market, startups are vying to attract and retain young, dynamic talent by creating work environments that foster innovation, collaboration, and growth. Companies that prioritize employee wellbeing, continuous learning, and a transparent culture are emerging as the most desirable places to work.

Enter Real Better, a trailblazing startup in the PropTech sector, which is not just filling a gap in the Real Estate market, but also setting new standards in workplace excellence. Unlike traditional online portals that digitize classified ads, the startup aims to revolutionize the industry by creating a modern B2B platform that truly serves real estate agents and builders. As Co-Founder Gaurev Kapur explains, “The product that we're building is the first of its kind in India. We're not just another classified portal but, a B2B tech marketplace that empowers & helps agents, to serve their clients better and faster". This innovation is just one aspect of why it makes the startup, an attractive destination for young talent.

At the heart of Real Better’s success is its commitment to a, flat hierarchy, innovative ideas and open communication. This inclusive approach ensures that every voice is heard, encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zones and contribute to the company’s growth. Besides, the two founders’ strategy of hiring young talent, with an average experience of 1-2 years, reflects their belief in nurturing fresh perspectives. “We thought we'd bring in young talent who are hungry to learn & work, and are
willing to climb up the career ladder”, says Gaurev. Further supporting this youthful dynamism is the founders'combined 40+ years of experience that provides a robust framework for growth and development.

Transparency with clients and employees is a cornerstone of Real Better’s philosophy. This transparency also extends to the company’s product development process. For instance, instead of raising funds before the product was ready, the founders bootstrapped the venture, ensuring they delivered real value to users from day one. Furthermore, employee-centric policies, continuous training,flexible working hours, open communication, and personalized support, reflect the company's commitment to its team's wellbeing. “If somebody has a personal problem or family emergency, we understand their pain points and accommodate their needs”, adds Vandana, HR Manager.

Transparency with clients & employees is a cornerstone of Real Better’s philosophy

To keep employees motivated and engaged, Real Better organizes various activities, including Ted Talk-like sessions called Real Talks, where employees discuss diverse topics from health to travel. These discussions help employees develop their communication skills and confidence. Additionally, the company promotes physical wellbeing by encouraging employees to participate in sports and yoga sessions.

For up-skilling and continuous learning, the company regularly invites industry experts, where employees can interact with seasoned professionals from top companies like Oracle, Airtel, and Microsoft. While hands-on and collaborative training ensures new hires understand their roles comprehensively, leadership training and mock calls further boost their confidence.

Real Better is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Despite being in the male dominated real estate industry, the company boasts a significant number of female employees. “We decided from day one that we want to bring in diversity in terms of gender as well as places where our employees come from", Vandana emphasizes. This commitment to diversity enhances the company culture, bringing in varied perspectives and ideas.

Real Better is on a growth trajectory, expanding from Gurugram to Delhi and Noida, with plans to cover the entire NCR region and eventually across all major Indian cities. By creating an environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and personal growth, the company is not just building a platform to revolutionize the PropTech industry but also a dream workplace where young professionals can thrive and make a meaningful impact.