Rebecca Digital: Propelling Businesses Growth

Janmejay Sahu, Co-Founder,Rasmita Sahu, Owner

Janmejay Sahu, Co-Founder

Rasmita Sahu, Owner

The need for brand portrayal is pushing Digital Marketing to heights. With this, standardized digital solutions for branding, sales, and promotions are ironically growing too. However, when it comes to the understanding of digital mediums, most enterprises in India are lagging in terms of expertise.

Most of them are led by young minds and are at experimental stages. Hence, there is a massive need to set up processes that lead to new offerings and perfecting the existing ones. This fine-tuning process of the industry could happen only with immense experience.

Nothing other than huge industry knowledge can be a tool to improve the prevailing scenario. In this con-text, Rasmita Sahu and Janmejay Sahu who comes with over 15 years of robust experience in the market took a step to offer the best marketing solutions to businesses and solve their digital needs even more exhaustively.

With the comprehensive knowledge they gained while working in top-notch brands in the domain, they sketched the idea of Rebecca Digital, a full-service marketing agency that has added SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Web Designing, Web Development, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing. Mobile App Development, and others to its service portfolio.
The company with its expert team of six is bringing transition in the way how services are offered to the clients. Rasmita, a virtuoso of the IT and development department and Janmejay, an expert digital marketer together involve in every project they take up along with their strong workforce.

Their complimentary ideas have always focused on customer's success. Their cumulative expertise serves what's best suited to the clients making them gain maximum benefit.

"We are conscious about client retention! That is why we as executives of the company make certain that everything is alright at every stage. Rasmita has been taking care of every tech aspect of the operations single-handedly and I look after the business development of the clients. Our participation throughout the projects is crucial and as final authorities, we take care of it," says Janmejay Sahu, Co-Founder. The core team mebers include - Akshay Arjun Amate - Web De-signer, Hamdan Adam Mistry - Social media marketer, Rajendra Ashok Kumar - SEO Specialist.

Rebecca Digital understands brands' need to make them seize audiences' attention and thus, provides them with best-fit solutions for lead generation

The Journey
Though Rebecca Digital was started with an idea of creating an identity by quitting their corporate jobs, it was after venturing as an agency they realized huge need gaps in the industry. "It's been a year since we began the operation; we have become an integral part of our client brands. It took days and nights of hard work, creative ideas, reliable client services to reach this level," exclaims Rasmita Sahu, Owner.

Beginning the journey with just 2 was a tough job. Moreover, gaining the trust of the clients was much harder. However, their tedious work and uncompromised quality in services resolved the glitch after 2 months of operation. Rebecca Digital understands brands' needs to make them seize the audience's attention and thus, provides them with best-fit solutions for lead generation.

Based in Bhandup at Mumbai, the company has come a long way from where it all started by mitigating several menaces. It is now an ISO 9001:2015 certified brand. It has onboarded nearly 25 clients and established a subsidiary at Borivali as well. While working with brands in India, UAE, and Australia, it is expecting tremendous growth in this fiscal year. It also looks forward to marking footprints in Rajasthan, Goa, and other states.