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 Shishir Agarwal, Co-Founder,Shruti Agarwal, Co-Founder

Shishir Agarwal, Co-Founder

Shruti Agarwal, Co-Founder

Shishir Agarwal was running a software development firm called 'Reontek IT Systems (' In the process, he used to make several calls during odd hours & late nights as it was essential for him to get connected with the overseas clients. To his disappointment, the mobile talk-time used to get exhausted between the conversations or run low - ultimately disrupting the call. Also, late night hours and holidays being the prime hours for business operation, the recharge vendors were closed during these times. This is when Shishir thought of a possibility to provide customers the convenience of recharging their devices online through interactive and user-friendly e-platform.

Once the idea shaped, the promoter immediately developed a platform that was required to run the operations, whereby the company tied-up with different service providers and payment gateways. In 2012, he was successful in creating an online recharge portal - a platform that wasintegrated into a complete service platform by incorporating additional services like post-paid bills, electricity bills, cashback, coupons, and others. The self-funded start-uptoday has revolutionized the world of recharge and coupon space by providing complete services to users across India.

Shishir narrating the entire journey of says, “The response in the early stage was highly encouraging. The number of visitors was so high that, it made the server crash at times. The penetration in the system by false identity was another problem. However, with continuous R&D and improvement in the website, all the glitches were passed with ease. As time progressed, challenges related to recharge schemes aroused but through continuous developments we
added new services like post-paid, utility bill payment, shopping coupons, deals and cashback/free recharge on every purchase through the portal.”

Rising to the occasion, rechargeADDA today has sustained in the market as a leader - Eye It-Click It-Have It
Rising to the occasion, rechargeADDA today has conquered the market as a leader. The portal ensures to offer free recharge/cashback on every purchase made through the portal. Any user visiting the platform can find a plethora of coupons and deals associated with each purchase. And, just by clicking on the coupon to buy the product, the user can redeem free recharge and bill payments out of cashback earned through the purchase. Because of their unique feature, rechargeADDA has acquired more than 3 million active users at the moment.

More importantly, has been able to ease out the day-to-day problems related to recharge and bill payments besides lowering the cost of recharge by providing cashback and free recharge on every purchase from the e-store. “The portal is designed and developed by a team of experts such that its navigation is not only hassle-free but it is user-friendly,” asserts Shruti Agarwal, Co-Founder, rechargeADDA. Furthermore, the user is guided to the next step whether it is shopping through the portal or use of cashback for recharge. So, inevitably, shopping through rechargeADDA, the users not only get discount but also get cashback on shopping.

Most Sought After Hassle-free Services
“Without continuous improvement in the services, a quick address of grievance, feedback and giving the user a feeling that the company cares for them, it is very difficult for any start-up to sustain in the market,” avers Shishir. rechargeADDA understanding the core essence of the business much better than any other competitors in the space ensures every user is equally important. The company is run by young people who are contributing the growth of the nation, where they are creating their own ventures.
Growing exponentially, the company since inception has been growing almost 5x times, in terms of users. In terms of employees, rechargeADDA having a lean team manages end-to-end operation effectively. The company which was started under the brand name Reontek IT Systems Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi NCR region, which later ventured into creating an eCommerce portal 'rechargeADDA,' are in an expansion phase. Soon, the company will be launching portals in the area of education and related fields, which will benefit the society at large. “rechargeADDA being a bootstrapped company, we are gearing up for the further investments to enter the global market,” says Shishir.

The company currently is looking for an active partnership and has forayed into a whole new spectrum of services. Shruti elaborating on the future developments, says, “Presently, the portal offers discounts and cashback only through online shopping via rechargeADDA, but now, we are looking forward to create saving and cashback even in offline shopping.” Adding to this, Shishir, says, “For this purpose, the company is making the strategy to tie up with local establishments in Delhi NCR with plans to expand to other cities at a later stage.”

Key Management:
Shishir Agarwal, Co-Founder, rechargeADDA
A CS engineering graduate from a reputed institute and founder of ‘Reontek IT Systems Pvt. Ltd., a leading website and app development, digital marketing company. Shishir was instrumental in launching India’s leading recharge, coupon and cashback portal ‘rechargeADDA’. He holds good start-up and business leadership experience. Primarily focused in sales, client management, and business development. He is the backbone of the company. More than anything, Shishir has passion and zeal to bring positive change in the society, digitally.

Shruti Agarwal, Co-Founder, rechargeADDA
Shruti is an inspirational to all the budding women entrepreneurs in India. She always stays upwards and onwards no matter what comes in the way. At rechargeADDA, she heads the technical and marketing prospects of the company.