Aptita Consulting Partners: This Startup Is Shaping The Way We Utilize UAVS

Chaitali Dave,Chief Executive Officer

Chaitali Dave

Chief Executive Officer

Recruitment is a six billion dollar industry in India. A recent report by Economic Times states that India Inc expects hiring to rise by a good 31% in 2022. With people becoming more career focused and startups coming up rapidly, the need for versatile talent search agencies is at an all time high.

On the contrary,most consulting company’s deal with an unsatisfied clientele and dejected candidates through the process.The primary reason being MISMATCH! The constraint is it is challenging to find the perfect candidate based on multiple factors all within a time frame.

This is where Aptita Consulting Partners come into the picture!

"Analyze, Decode and Deliver Aptita Consulting Partners’ three step mantra to solve hiring problems across the industry "

Aptita, a boutique recruitment firm, considers the skills, interests, and long term career goals while matching them to a particular job opening. The company also invests heavily on researching about future market demands and upcoming skills. There by, building its network within these niche specific roles to cater efficiently to its clienteles. Founded in 2016, Aptita focusses primarily in the digital,

marketing, and technology(MarTech)sector hiring.

Chaitali Dave, the Chief Executive Officer at Aptita Consulting Partners, states,"A major reason why we chose this field five years back is because the future is about digital. Our country had embarked its journey towards digital transformation. We started with a vision to cater to marketing and later expanded to tech sector, since the fields are inextricably connected. The organization focused heavily in dealing with special certified roles in these domains and thereby evolved as MarTech specialist agency. Consequently, we are contributing successfully towards India’s overall digital evolution."

Aptita plans to expand its territory both vertically and horizontally as the avenue of possibilities with AI, VR, and the Metaverse are boundless

Identifies and Delivers the Finest Candidates
Presently, Aptita specializes in executive level searches and specialized positions in Technology and Marketing domains. In addition, they handle inhouse projects for clients and are in discussions with several consumers on expanding the managed capacity services.

“Working with ventures in a niche industry enables us to select the perfect candidate from a dedicated talent pool. Our brand recall value is strong amongst our patrons because we have been engaging in the same practice for years and have expertise in our field. A thorough under standing of stakeholder requirements and consistently high quality delivery has made us the go to agency for both job seekers and companies", adds Chaitali.

"After completing MBA in Human Resources from MET Institute of Management, Chaitali Dave gained impeccable skills in human resources, team management and employee engagement and contributed to a business's project management with excellent skills exhibited by world class leaders"

Line Up
Aptita plans to expand its territory both vertically and horizontally as the avenue of possibilities with AI, VR,and the Meta verse are boundless. Similarly with the growth and recognition that the enterprise is witnessing presently, it is only apt see it expand on an international level and make its mark globally very soon.