Renohomes: Creative & Functional Interiors For Residential & Commercial Spaces

The interiors of the home are the reflection of one’s personality and lifestyle. Each corner, each piece of furniture, every painting, and the tiny details invested reveal the taste of the person living in the space, and the entire aura of the space is built around the intricacy of details thus working to create an impression. Modern interiors today demand functionality, also keeping up with the aesthetics that best frames the living setting of the contemporary world but has a hint of tradition to it. Keeping up with modern aesthetics, Renohomes started its venture in 2021 as an interior designing and execution company that caters to residential and corporate interior requisites. The company is driven by the passion to create and execute end-to-end quality solutions for its clients in an economic range. It has a presence in Delhi, Kolkata, Ghaziabad, and Gurugram and plans tofurther extend its services to other cities.

Ideas Transverse To Functionality
Renohomes ventured into the interior space amidst the pandemic when the work from home culture was a recent adaptation and to put it more consciously, has now become much more prolific since the start. The hike in the startups and the interior space is good enough to substantiate the comfort that the professionals were able to invest in their homes. Nobody likes to work in a surrounding filled with discomfort and the kind of environment that doesn’t bring around a sense of peace to the mind, is far less productive. After all, bringing work home needs to have some counter to stress. Hence, the pandemic was the time when the ambiance and functionality of the home interiors never made more sense than ever. And, the interior solutions industry pulled up the laces to provide solutions to their clients that accommodated some of the fanciest ideas transverse to functionality. The adjoining factor was also the like ability to spend more time and admire the space around while living in it. Thus, came an opportune moment for Renohomes to showcase its creativity and add value to the client’s lovable space.

Renohomes takes note of each of the tiniest whims of the clients and converts them into the most functional and creative solutions in the given space

Planning to Go Global
Renohomes leaves no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying its clients on the quality front. The materials used for the purpose are guaranteed quality and this gives it an edge over the others in the market. The clients can assign the project and sit back and relax without worrying about the slightest detail involved. Renohomes is backed by a team of professionals from creative, engineering, and operations background and is capable of handling bigger to smaller projects. The interior industry is largely dominated by creative inputs; the designs, the furniture, and the functionality of the space are the major highlighting points that put into the frame the capabilities of the company. The team at Renohomes brings to the table the highest sense of expertise and creativity thus showcasing the best of the talents that conceptualize the ideas on the front. "In the operational stage, Renohomes undertakes the electric, plumbing, and furniture details too so that the client does not have to run to different vendors for every operation. This puts the trust of the client in the company and thus has been the promoting factor behind Renohomes’ success," shares Soumit Dey, Founder and CEO, Renohomes.
Soumit Dey,  Founder and CEO
Renohomes is constantly working towards aspects that will extend better assistance to its clients. One of the angles is the tech operated processes, that will make ordering interior services for homes as easy as ordering food. With continuous upgrades and more creative inputs in the processes, Renohomes plans to go global in its field of operations.