Rent An Attire: Premium Fashion Rental Service!

Laveena Laitonjam,  FounderBe it a wedding a cocktail party or any public event, people are always looking for trendiest clothing option that makes them stand out from the crowd. But buying such expensive clothes and not being able to wear them again makes the buyer conscious and they tend to shy away from investing money in fashion apparel. And now with renting becoming the new go-to trend and the coming in of millenials, the market has opened up pretty well where people prefer renting rather than buying. Clothing is no exception to this and renting clothes or luxury labels has now turned into a common notion. Laveen Laitonjam noticed this brimming opportunity in the online fashion rental space and decided to take a plunge into the entrepreneurial world with her premium fashion rental service Rent An Attire. A transparent and efficient economic rental mechanism, Rent An Attire is an integrated e-commerce platform wherein a renter can rent and a designer who is keen on renting can rent his designer outfit. "The fashion industry is very fragmented and unorganised wherein premium fashion is far from the affordability spectrum of the customer. So I thought of bridging that gap by erecting a disruptive fashion business model. Rent An Attire is a platform where a customer and a designer
can come together and enjoy the benefit of that luxury," says Laveena Laitonjam, Founder Rent An Attire.

At present, the company has three physical stores and deliver to at least 22 cities through its website and mobile application

Hosting a large variety of ethnic wear, western wear and Indo western designer outfits for both men and women, Rent An Attire offers charming collections from premium brands and fashion giants like Sabyasachi, Ridhi Mehra, Sonam Parmar and Kora all at a mere fragment of their respective market prices. Initially set up as an offline business in 2015, the company opened its flagship store in Pune where it rented occasion wear clothes for both men and women. Slowly, it made its presence in Delhi and Dehradun and finally went online in 2017. At present, the company has three physical stores and deliver to at least 22 cities through its website and mobile application.

Established with a motive to add value to this domain and make the renting space around fashion and clothing more structured, the company does not hesitate in going above and beyond in its operation. Positioned high on the ladder of success, the company is now looking to further expand its services in the sector. The company is making significant strides in the renting landscape is soon launching plus size collection and kids wear as well. "We are in talks with several vendors and investors and are looking forward to add seven more stores to our portfolio up and running by 2020. We also want to focus on technology wherein we are planning to implement the use of AR/VR and virtual mirrors," she concludes.