Rentlite: Office Furniture Solution Surban Complete for The Corporates

Kiran Chellaram & Kush Chellaram,FoundersThe sharing economy has grown exponentially across the world. Unlike traditional businesses, this concept allows individuals to rent or borrow goods, services or skills without having to buy them. The idea of ownership has been replaced by the desire to gain better experiences by sharing resources. Increasingly, people are turning to rent everything from property to clothes. Furniture and appliances are no exception. Furniture renting has its very own focal points. Individuals are currently searching for various choices to stay away from the inconvenience of migrating or exchanging. This procedure had prompted the formation of the rental of new businesses.

One such company is Bangalore based Rentlite that provides highly skilled and experienced assistance in renting complete office furnishing solutions. The company offers a diverse range of office furniture products that can comfortably furnish every space in the office starting from executive task chairs to plug and play workstations. "At Rentlite we believe renting is key for modern entrepreneurial professionals looking for fast paced office setup. Rentlite helps transform workspaces into a collaborative space for creative minds! We believe in conserving the environment through ecofriendly practices. All our furniture is manufactured in solar powered factories and produces minimum carbon footprint emissions further reducing environmental pollution," explicates Kiran Chellaram, Founder, Rentlite.

Known to provide complete office furniture solutions such as highly ergonomic chairs that promote good posture and support for long work hours to catalyze productivity, Rentlite's top of the line work stations come with integrated wire management systems. The team at Rentlite believes that every space in the office has its purpose and needs to be designed and furnished in an optimum way. "From executive tables for manager cabins and conference tables for collaborative discussions, our wide range of products caters to every office requirement. Our compact and efficient storage units that are typically rented along with our workstations and we also provide multipurpose chairs to serve the cafeteria/lounge spaces," he mentions.

The Genesis
With a strong history in the office furniture background the founders noticed that numerous startups were struggling to invest a large amount of money required to purchase highquality office furniture. They then came up with the system to offer office furniture on rent and brought together a group of people from the rental background and created Rentlite. Together, they created a strong relationship with Featherlite, India's leading Office Furniture Manufacturer and the supplier of furniture to Rentlite. This opened various doors for team Rentlite and allowed them to penetrate the market. "As experts in the field of office furniture, we established Rentlite to the world of complete office solutions especially within the startup community, in which we believed it would flourish," narrates Kush Chellaram, Founder, Rentlite.

Rentlite started by mainly targeting startups with minimal and restricted funding, who could not shell out the large amount required to purchase office furniture. Eventually, it also came across multiple MNC's who were either looking for furniture for their incubation centres or a temporary requirement, such as a temporary shift into a new office. This opened up more opportunities for the founders. "With the existing demand, our quick hassle-free delivery service played a big role in taking the game to the next level as a lot of customers had complaints of delayed deliveries in the past. Our main focus is customer service and offering quality products plays a crucial role. By providing free maintenance, we ensure that our customer always feels secure when renting from Rentlite," he informs.

An Array of Best Furniture Solutions
Rentlite is a one-stop-shop to rent office furniture that houses a highly skilled installation team that can set up furniture in a snap. It not only offers an assortment of design possibilities but flexible finance options for the users. It offers a collection of multipurpose chairs that are suitable for cafeterias and break rooms which form an essential part of offices today. The workstations are equipped with raceways for efficient wire management, thus simplifying
the process of setting up electrical connections. Its expertise also includes creating office layout designs for our clients based on their requirements and suggesting the best office furniture solution for their space.

The company’s ergonomically designed and modular furniture is the most innovative office furniture available in the market. All of the furniture is designed using state-of-the-art technology with sleek designs and innovative mechanisms. It primarily caters to startups and the B2B sector the larger segment of it being the customers who require quick and instant office furniture solutions. Besides, it also serves multiple large companies who require temporary office solutions during a transitional or renovation period. The company is backed by a high performing team which consists of individuals from various rental as well as furniture backgrounds. Each individual is given a unique role and designation which they carry out to their fullest potential. Rentlite believes in a flat organizational structure with an open door policy for any and every employee. “Our opendoor policy allows the team to interact with us freely as well as honestly. Everyone in our team has a unique insight and provides valuable input, which benefits the company as a whole,”Kiran avers.

During our initial stages, our revenue was a mere INR 5,000 with just three clients. We have raised our revenue growth

Giving utmost importance to customer satisfaction, Rentlite provides free maintenance and hassle-free quick delivery for both short term and long term requirements. This is possible because of its strong relationship with its furniture partner Feather lite the leading office furniture manufacturers in the country. Featherlite’s manufacturing prowess and strong inhouse capacity enable the team to fulfil orders of any size. “We constantly innovate to offer our customers the latest in office furniture design and technology. With our vast experience in commercial design with Featherlite, we have gathered expertise in quick and hassle free office furniture renting aiding ease of Plug and Play setup,” adds Kiran.

The distinct furniture configurations like chairs, workstations and pedestals by Rentlite can easily be rented for an affordable amount serving to the commercial flexibility for its consumers. Since all furniture rented out is manufactured by India’s leading furniture manufacturer, Featherlite, the consumer is sure of uncompromised quality and durability.

The Journey
Established in April, 2019, Rentlite has already expanded its operations to eight cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Chennai and Hyderabad. The team is on track to expand further across India and aims to provide its unique office furniture rental system across the country. Kush asserts, “During our initial stages, our revenue was a mere INR 5,000 with just three clients. We have raised our revenue growth to Rs.12, 00,000, a 240 percent growth and 75+ customers over the last seven months. We intend to achieve 250 customers by the end of the financial year 2019-20.”

In the coming years, the team envisions breaking through the tier 2 cities and branch out further into different sectors like hospitality, education and also the government sector. They also have plans to increase the range of products offered. “Soon we will be launching two new products Prewired work stations with a builtin power source for charging devices and Ethernet connectivity. And a product targeted for co-living spaces which can be part of dormitory facilities. To add to customer benefits, we are also working on launching a new Rent to Buy scheme which will give the customer’s an option of upgrading their subscription model with us into an ownership scheme in the longer run,” he concludes.

Quick Facts
1)Key Management Details & Profiles:
Kush Chellaram
Founder/Director of Rentlite Graduate from Carnegie Mellon University An expert in the furniture industry, Kush Chellaram is a part of the Featherlite Group as well as an investor in Rentlite. His interests include Golf, Reading, Film, Scuba Diving, and Travelling

Kiran Chellaram
Founder/ Digital Brand Manager
Graduate from St. Josephs College of Commerce (Autonomous) After graduating, Kiran studied Digital Marketing and worked at a start up for a few months before starting Rentlite His interests include Films, Chess, Scuba Diving, Reading, Travelling

2)No. of Clients: 75+

3)Interesting facts & figures about Rentlite: Rentlite is a Go Green Initiative. Total number of units rented till date- 2543 units Average Monthly Revenue 12 Lakhs Noteworthy MultiNational Companies
looking to rent office furniture for temporary requirements.

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