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Rasheed Shaik, CEO & Co-Founder,Ravi Kumar Reddy Boyareddygari, Technology Partner - CTO

Rasheed Shaik, CEO & Co-Founder

Ravi Kumar Reddy Boyareddygari, Technology Partner - CTO

When Rasheed Shaik returned from England to Hyderabad in 2013, he rented a house for a short time period in the city. During his tenure at the place, he felt the need for some household things for his comfort and he started looking out for rental options for the same. Much to his surprise, he sensed that there was not even a single company that is providing these kinds of services in the market and people do not have an option to rent things on a click. Perplexed at the current state of affairs, Rasheed gave it a thought and this thought then finally led to the ideation of RentOnClick. "Initially, we started with furniture and home electronics where we did research on the market and items that helped us develop a plan and implement it accordingly. Just in a couple of weeks of our inception we were able to sell all the items that were sitting in our warehouse and that is what kept us going,"says Rasheed Shaik, Co-Founder, RentOnClick.

From home electronics, furniture and toys for
the kids to bringing the fitness centre to your home along with camping, trekking and hiking equipment for all your adventure travels' RentOnClick offers a wide range of products all under one roof. The company is also focused on creating unique packages and services for its customers where they provide monthly packages starting from minimum of three months which is suitable for people coming for short stays in the city. A technology driven e-commerce company, the footing of RentOnClick was led with a vision to make lives easier by providing online rental services. "At RentOnClick, we are committed towards assisting you in developing a better lifestyle by delivering the products that you need in order to lead a quality life at a fraction of cost," he asserts.

A technology driven e-commerce company, the footing of RentOnClick was led with a vision to make lives easier by providing online rental services

Based in Hyderabad, the company has seen a tremendous growth and has introduced several features in their operations over time in order to make the customers a part of their organization. The company allows anyone to rent their products through the platform and in order to ensure a hassle-free experience to its clients it further shows the product to the customer even before the billing and makes sure that the product is in a perfect condition before it is delivered to them. In addition to this, the company's customer service team has assisted a lot in its success where they address the issues at utmost priority and even replace the product in case it is needed.

Since its foundation in 2016, the company has a come long way and has gone above and beyond in order to deliver quality experience to its clients. With a present workforce of around 40 people, RentOnCLick is backed by self funding with technological partner Ms/Hence Data Innovations. The company is currently in the process of expanding PanIndia and aims to get to at least five metros across the country through its vast network of supply vendors and agents.