Rentrides: Rent it like you own it

Mohit Barman, Founder
Mohit Barman,Founder

It is the survival instinct of the founder that makes a start-up excel. The will to take every needed step, the patience to withstand the initial difficulties and absolute dedication towards the cause are the prime fortes of every successful CEO of the start-up ecosystem. Mohit Barmann and his Rentrides stand as a glowing example of once such start-up success story.

20th July, 2015 was the day Rentrides, an online bike rental start-up came into being and until a year or so there were no signs of growth. This further deepened the determination of the founder and he devoted more and more time to understand the market better. By the end of 2016, Rentrides got its first booking of an Activa for a month and there was no stopping after that. “Today, we are considered as the most recommended bike rental service in 4 cities across India as per customer feedback,” says Mohit.

What's Out of the Box?
Rentrides was probably one of the first online rentals that utilised the necessity of scooters instead of motorcycles. It started out renting with only one Honda Activa in hand and currently operates a fleet of
250 in the city of Delhi. Bajaj Avenger and Royal Enfield are the only kinds of motorcycles that this company rents out and doesn’t deal in sports bikes. “The number of theft in sports bikes is more and secondly they are more prone to accidents and we don’t want any such things to happen to our customers”, said Mohit.

" You need to be intelligent to start a business, be Honest to progress in your business and be Humble to success in the business"

The company is primarily dedicated towards improving the shared economy across the country."Our target audience are all the budget friendly people," states Mohit. Cost-effective rental services act as the speciality of Rentrides.

As the two-wheeler bookings grew by numbers at a considerable rate, it gave the Rentrides founder, the courage to look forward and expand the business. And with sheer confidence and zeal, Mohit added four wheelers to his fleet as a start from the city of Delhi. Looking at the growth, one of the well-known car rental companies approached Rentrides regarding business collaboration but the proposition was declined by Mohit due several factors such as inefficient quality, misguiding policies and conflicts of interest. Mohit wants Rentrides to grow with its own pace and on its own strength and think of getting investor once the business gets firm and stable. Mohit says “Currently, we are self-funding. We don’t want to maximize our liabilities and we want to grow
slowly but steadyly and effectively with the rising customers.”

The uniqueness of Rentrides services is further exemplified with their bicycle renting services. Not only it manages 400 cycles all over Delhi but also organises bicycle rides and races& various other corporate events and tours for organisations like National Highway Authority of India, American Embassy and Blackberry , MI and few others.

Growth Ahead of Rentrides
Rentrides has experienced a 200 percent growth in its 3 years of business. Moving on,it wants to become one of the leading aggregators in the online rental industry and doesn’t want to stay restricted to vehicles only. Mohit illustrates that there are as many as 5 aggregators in the industry but all of them focus on four wheelers whereas, there are no such rentals that provide the interface to select from a wide range of products starting from bicycles, motorcycles and cars to travel and lifestyle equipments.

With very limited liability, Rentrides is ready to take the next step in its journey with utmost conviction where in indivisual people & existing business can tie up with them as a vendor and provide vehicle renting services to the renters and customers on the website. Only 100 rupees will be the initial payment and commission charged to a customer to book any vehicles/merchandise in the Rentrides website. Mohit concludes, “They’ll book their vehicle irrespective of the fact whether they are an organisation or an individual.”