Repayr : A Trusted Name for Automotive Servicing at Doorsteps

koundinya Rama ,  Founder The automobile industry is an ever-evolving industry that has encountered spurts of rapid growth in recent years. It is principally an oligopolistic market; therefore, competitive advantage is a key strategic objective for all the major players in the market. In recent years there has been considerable advancement in the automobile industry that ranges from the manufacture of spare parts for the vehicles to meet the peak of the prominent exporter of vehicles of the world. As a necessary consequence of this rapid growth of the manufacturing industry, its subsequent service industry also arose in high demand. Gradually manufacturing and service industries grew together to serve the needs of the people, to an extent wherein the present world they both have become two faces of the same coin. In the present market, the service industry has high demand than the consequential sector of the same industry. In order to reach the market demand, many automobile industries are subsequently turning up with their special service force yet there lies the crunch of the virtuous quotient. To replenish this ongoing respite, Repayr entered the market in 2019 to provide wholesome service to customers’ doorsteps.

Repayr company caters to various sets of
services for vehicles with sets of standards that the company has been following from its inception. The firm has a solid team consisting of 15 well-educated and voracious youngsters working towards making substantiate difference in the automobile service sector. The exceptional element of Repayr lies in the idea of cutting short the time and enhancing the efficiency with delivery time not exceeding 2 hours, enhancing further says,“The company Repayr is trying to educate people concerning what has happened with their vehicle and what is being done. This idea supports implementing transparency in the workplace; such that customers could see the operations and evaluate the legitimacy of the work.The company allows having an open conversation with the operation team while performing the service to understand the issue and how to avoid them in the future.”

maintaining a high level of transparency between the company and its customers makes people inclined towards our service over others in the market

Repayr follows a unique service procedure by enabling customers to book a preferable slot for service via various social media platforms or phone calls, followed by providing necessary information about servicing the vehicle. This process involves minimal booking charges to avoid cutup practices. Using genuine spare parts and certified engine oil for vehicle service is the key concern of the company. Which is why people are in favor of the company over others in the market.

The company has examined many ups and downs in its journey. In the initial days of our operations, Covid granted numerous hiccups which hindered our performance in the market yet it gave us a strong push to shift to a digital platform. In the present day, most of our works are being executed via digital platforms. At this level Repayr company provides its service to Hyderabad city, in the upcoming days it will spread its wings to outer ring road where there is strong demand for this automobile service. Expansion of our service to the state and national highways is in the pipeline, respective background work is on its way to execute it at the earliest. Gradually expanding the company’s operations to multiple states and reaching the planetary market and making India self-reliant in the backdrop of the automobile and service sector is the prime goal of Repayr.