ReturnTrucks: Connecting Trucks with Loads

Sudhakar Vintha,CEO	 	 	The Indian road transport industry is projected to be $200 billion by 2022. And with 80 percent+ truck operators with less than five trucks, this industry is wide open for different players and requires a lot of on-ground work to bring technology awareness and inculcate best practices. Vizag based ReturnTrucks has spent last three years understanding the market challenges and the need for a new age digital ecosystem to address the efficiency of the overall transport business. The company’s 75000+ Truck Aggregation platform helps the shippers book a truck easily while their customized solutions for transporters, transport unions, and shippers enable them to get the full advantages of digitization.

In fact, ReturnTruck’s Fleet Management System (RTFMS) plays a key role in helping all the transport operators and truck owners successful in leading the digitization efforts. A cloud based modular fleet management solution with a mobile app at an industry challenging price, RTFMS make it easy for the transport operators to manage their fleet while seamlessly get connected to RT aggregation platform as well as Vehicle Tracking System – Trac247.
Believing to be the new age transport eco-system of different digital offerings to different industry stake holders in transport industry, the company’s online and SMS bidding options seamlessly connects to FMS and other RT solutions. And that is what adds a silver lining by helping transporters manage an effective day to day operations, not just match making the load/trucks.

ReturnTrucks is probably the only platform that customizes their services & solutions to fit into the market needs than just offering a marketplace or aggregator

The Genesis
The foundation of ReturnTrucks originated four years ago when Sudhakar Vintha had to shift goods from one city to another. He wanted to transport goods and contacted an agent, who said the truck will be available in one hour's time. But no truck came for the next three days. Meanwhile, he found another truck, which had been lying idle for three days without any business. “That's when I realized there's a better way of doing things by getting load owners and truck owners onto a common platform,” speaks Vintha. The next six months went into an extensive research with the help of 10+ on-field staff and conceptualizing the problem area into a business opportunity.
“ReturnTrucks is probably the only platform that customizes our services & solutions to fit into the market needs than just offering a marketplace or aggregator. Our solutions like RTUnion, RTFMS, and RTShippr demonstrate our sincere efforts in listening to the industry, scoping a gap, building a solution and then connecting all the solutions to the marketplace,” Vintha informs.

The services and solutions catered are known to help the industry perform their day to day operations in a better way. The core platform of the company works in the backend for every solution that we build for their customers. The idea is to streamline the overall logistic management, to be specific, truck management irrespective of the size and location of the transporter/truck owners.

Interestingly, from an environmental point of view, the platform does a reverse entry automatically for all the trucks and help them find a load in advance so that they can minimize the chances of empty return trip. “Based on the return trips scheduled, we estimated an approx. savings of 700 tons of carbon emission saved,” he mentions.

While Logistics Startups has a bigger challenge than other industry environments because of the unorganized logistic sector with a staggered payment model, ReturnTrucks is bringing the local transport operators on the platform to leverage the inventory in booking the truck. This indicates a bright future awaiting this innovative platform!