Revyz: Atlassian Native Backup & Restore Solution For Granular Data Recovery

Sanket Parlikar,CTO Jira is a popular project tracking tool from Atlassian which provides products and services for software developers and project teams and has 242,623 customers in over 190 countries, and 10 million monthly active users. Being SaaS-based, it has its own set of challenges in terms of backup and data protection. Jira has become a critical tool to businesses today, yet an accidental deletion or malicious attack is a threat to the entire team’s effort. Backing up Jira Cloud is certainly a niche in the data protection market and Revyz is one such entity providing solutions related to data protection. Revyz addresses a critical need with a one-of a-kind solution for thousands of Jira users around the world. Revyz was founded by two ex-Druva execs, CEO Vish Reddy and CTO Sanket Parlikar, and is funded by Atlassian Ventures and Druva.

Granular Data Recovery
The Revyz Backup and Restore application is administered with in Jira. It provides automated backups and on-demand granular data recovery, with secured offsite backups hosted in Amazon Web Services, protecting against ransomware, user errors like accidental deletions, insider threats, migration issues, or other security incidents. The service features include automatic backup of issues, attachments, screens, workflows, and more, every 24 hours, Unlimited backups with up to 250GB in attachments, 1-year data retention, the ability to select projects for backup, unlimited restores of data including attachments, free
data exports in JSON/CSV formats, quick restore of recently deleted/modified issues, offsite backups isolated from Atlassian cloud and data available ondemand, backups hosted on secure, compliant, and highly available AWS Cloud, Atlassian native authentication and authorization controls, Data encrypted at rest and in transit using industry-standard protocols – TLS 1.2 and AES256, and SOC2 Type 2 audit in progress.

Providing a Trail of User Activities
The idea of Revyz was conceived based on the experiences of Vish and Sanket while working with various teams to protect their SaaS data. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the ‘Shared Security Responsibilities’ that users of SaaS solutions have, which has led to a number of situations where teams have lost valuable data. The protection of data created by and used within a SaaS application is typically the responsibility of the user and not the service provider. Revyz was a first step towards addressing the problem, the industry’s first Atlassian Native Backup and Restore solution for Jira Cloud was built.

Vish Reddy

“While accidental data deletion commonly prevails in a cloud-shared environment, malicious attempts can subject your data to certain loss threats too. Revyz Backup and Restore offers a solution to this problem, by protecting against user errors like accidental deletion by providing a trail of what occurred. The app simplifies complex issues like ransomware, user errors, insider threats, migration issues, and other security concerns by simply ‘Re-vy-zing’ the errors”, says Vish. Revyz addresses a major gap in SaaS data protection enabling customers to plug gaps in their shared responsibility model, data security, and cloud compliance. Jira admins and decision-makers can start a 30-day free trial and procure the service directly from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Owing to its larger acceptance in a short span, Revyz has certainly come a long way since its start. As entities purview the data threats through a far-sighted telescope and realize the importance of cloud security, there is still a large chunk that can be improved in the concerned space, simply with awareness. Revyz looks forward to this future and plans to construct more around cloud safety and delve deeper into concepts to offer worthy solutions.