RightCloudz: Simplifying Cloud Decisions

Vikash Mathur, Co-Founder, Subhranshu Banerjee, Co-Founder&,Sreehari NArasipur, CO- Founder
Vikash Mathur, Co-Founder

The concept behind RightCloudz was ideated during many of those businesses and technology related interactions with several enterprise-grade cloud customers in the APAC region. Public clouds were relatively new and evolving very fast in terms of new capabilities, updated feature sets and reduced costs. Clearly, all this was great for new cloud customers as they had the advantage of acquiring needed features at very competitive pricing from all the Cloud Service Providers (CSP).

While customers had the choice of CSPs they could pick from, the biggest challenge was how! Each CSP provided information about their capabilities, available configurations, major features and most importantly cost in their own way on their websites. There was an evident gap in the cloud ecosystem that was preventing cloud customers from making rational and objective decisions when purchasing public cloud services for their enterprise-grade business applications. A deep understanding of how to fill the gapled to the formation of RightCloudz.

Set up by a group of cloud experts with a well-defined mission of empowering and enabling cloud customers to make the right vendor choices; RightCloudz essentially uses a process known as Multi-Criteria Decision Making(MCDM) to evaluate multiple conflicting criteria in Cloud decision-making. Throwing light on this, VikasMathur,Co-Founder, says, “To help customers to use MCDM to select the best Cloud vendor that meets all their requirements, we have created a user-friendly online application - This enables customers to assign weights to all
the relevant requirements, do basic self-service comparison of CSPs and generate a dynamic, customized report with quantifiable data and charts for use in their cloud purchasing process”

"RightCloudz has created an extensive knowledge base to capture continuously growing and evolving ocean of information and deep insights into every measurable aspect of public Cloud services"

Comprehensive, Accessible and Easy-to-analyze Knowledge Base
In the highly dynamic and fast-paced market for Cloud services, vendors continuously update their services, features, costs and other aspects of their services, making it very challenging for customers to keep track and use current information when making purchasing decisions about key Cloud assets and services. Keeping that in mind, RightCloudz has created an extensive knowledge base called RankCloudz Cloud Intelligence to capture continuously growing and evolving ocean of information and deep insights into every measurable aspect of public Cloud services.

Subhranshu Banerjee, Co-Founder

“All our offerings - RankCloudz, Advisory services and Compare Now are of high value to our customers. However undoubtedly RankCloudz is our flagship offering as it caters to a space that no one else has embarked upon in a scientific way. The key differentiator of RankCloudz, when compared to the competition, is our extensive and continually updated knowledge base of Cloud services and our patent pending
methodology for evaluation and
ranking,”informs SreehariNarasipur,Co-Founder.

What makes the company stand out in the crowd is its method of simplifying Cloud selection by its innovative cloud evaluation and ranking methodology based on a continuously growing and evolving knowledge base of deep insights into every measurable aspect of public cloud services. “We strive to help our customers get unbiased, customized evaluations based on their requirements. With RightCloudz, customers can be confident that their purchasing decisions for cloud assets will be based on a very comprehensive, objective and repeatable analysis of relevant public cloud services,” asserts Sreehari.

Sreehari Narasipur, CO-Founder

The Road Ahead
Since inception, Team RightCloudz has witnessed consistent growth of registered users from across the world. “Most of our users are primarily from North Americas and Europe. However to enhance our offerings and reach, we are planning to partner with companies that have expertise in dynamic Cloud performance and monitoring,” avers Subhranshu Banerjee, Co-Founder.

Other than improved and expanded customer offerings,the team is also working to significantly enhance our cloud intelligence gathering techniques. “In a nutshell, our roadmap is trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving cloud ecosystem and the needs of enterprise cloud customers as they adopt cloud for more and more of their business-critical applications,” concludes Vikas.