Separator Redefining the Household& Maintenance Service Experience

Raghuram Gupta & Hanu Rao, Co-FoundersOften, the limitations of knowledge in utility, repair work, and maintenance lead to unimaginable consequences. Either the person learns from it or they don’t. In the end,it always comes down to paying a huge price. Also, at times of crisis, a majority of the people tend to rely on local establishments or mutual service providers for help. This is where the question of reliability & Quality strikes.

For instance, an electrician is called upon for a work and the electrician after a thorough check says that 'it requires a plumbing job' as well. Then, the local plumber is implored. This act repeats, several times until the work is completed. It may take hours, days or even months. Later, if the problem arises, and just when you think, you need them, the electrician or the plumber would have vanished into thin air, without a trace.

Laying an end to such blemish act in the industry, Hyderabad based start-up Rite fix has come to the rescue by redefining the facility management services with its unique solution that propagates a systematic approach in place and harnesses the element of integrity and reliability in the entire process. “The idea was to provide a one-stop shop platform that includes electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters and cleaners, all-under-one-roof,
asserts Raghuram Gupta, Co-Founder,

Ritefix clients include ISB (Indian School of Business), United Spirits Company, Konica Minolta,Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance,Lakme, Denty's and NCB (National Council for Cement and Building Materials) amongst others

Leave All the Hassles to the Experts
Founded in 2015, the journey of Ritefix has been a roller coaster ride. Amidst the burgeoning competition, training, and certifying the right employees for the job, the company ensures to provide quality and reliable service to all its clients. This has been their hallmark since the inception days. And, a growth way forward!

The team Ritefix consists of working professionals who have more than 30+ years of experience in the household industry. Right from housekeeping to house cleaning, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, painting, home appliances, floors & tiles, landscaping, pest control, AC services and interior designing. The company offers end-to-end household services to its clients. Another interesting fact is - in case, any problem arises after the repair, the company provides seven days service guarantee. Also, ensures to send the same person who did the servicing initially for the ease of customers.

Smitten by continuous improvement methodologies, and result-oriented services, the company offers flexible payment options, membership-based services to corporate firms, NRI
owned houses, apartments, and individual houses. Also, understanding the requirement of smooth operations in corporate firms and factories, Ritefix offers an end-to-end preventative mechanism to its clients on a subscription basis.

Hanu Rao explaining the USP of the company is “All of our qualified and trained employees wear the Ritefixuni form with pride, and they are not just some electrician or plumber from your neighbour hood. For our employees, we cover life, health and accidental insurances and give top most priority to safety, security, and professionalism which gives them inspiration and motivation to serve the customers.”

Professional Household Services of the Future
Before venturing into Ritefix, both Hanu Rao & Raghuram have worked in the top management positions for some of the big companies and consultancy firms, in the IT industry across the globe. Therefore, implementing the similar processes and procedures at Ritefixover the years, the duo has been successful in bringing some of the best practices into this segment from the stage of work order to final implementation with dedicated project management, regular updates on milestones and advising the industry standard mechanisms in service industry for the corporate clients. In the near future, the company has plans to expand to the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and ASEAN (Singapore and Malaysia)regions. Explaining the roadmap ahead of Ritefix, Raghuram concludes "We are adding more and more services in the near future. We will remain ubiquitous in the facility management service.Soon, you’ll spot Ritefix at every household, schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, and hotels."