RNB Corporate Services: Helping Businesses & Individuals Handle 'Money Matters' with Ease

Bhoopesh Jain,MDThe COVID-19 pandemic has been a wake up call in many aspects. It ‘re-taught’ us how to live, helped us rethink our lifestyle, especially how we manage and save our money. With a number of people facing pay cuts and losing jobs, money management has never felt so important. Even for millennials who carry the attitude of “live in the moment”, savings has become crucial. This shift has in turn boosted the growth of wealth management companies to guide individuals and businesses ‘manage’ money better. Mumbai based RNB Corporate Services is an example of one such company. RNB is a professionally managed firm promoted by professionals with vast industry experience varying amongst different industries. The team at RNB consists of distinguished industry veterans, chartered accountants, MBA’s and business management experts who offer services including mutual fund distribution, corporate finance and investment banking. “Our commitment to building, preserving and managing the wealth of our clients forms the foundation of everything we do,” says Bhoopesh Jain, MD at RNB.

Given that mutual fund houses extend a buffet of schemes based on investment objective, undertaking asset classes, investment horizon, type of returns, etc. becomes increasingly challenging for clients to construct a prudent mutual fund portfolio. The team at RNB understands this and hence with its expertise and intensive selection process, simplifies and constructs an effective mutual fund portfolio to assist their clients in achieving their investment objectives. RNB distributes fixed income products such as Company Fixed Deposit Schemes, Non-Convertible Debentures, Government of India Bonds, MLDs etc. to clients who are interested in a steady income stream but want to indulge in low risk products. Backed by good credit rating and attractive yields, such products offer the
scope of not only creating wealth but also act as investment protection vehicles as they tend to balance out the higher-risk products in the portfolio.

Corporate Finance and Investment Banking
RNB has a successful track record of funding for medium to large-sized companies. Since its establishment, the company has distinguished itself through pioneering offerings,internal research and understanding of multifaceted financial instruments which includes Project Funding, Working Capital, Corporate Loans, Debt Restructuring, Structured Finance, Overseas Funding and structured trade finance.

RNB serves clients across the spectrum, ranging from mid-market companies to large domestic organizations

Further, RNB offers investment banking and strategic consulting services to address challenges at multiple levels, right from entry to exit of businesses. “We provide seamless solutions to a wide range of clients by leveraging our connections across various industries, multiple product groups and geographies,” adds Bhoopesh. The company’s rich experience and strong institutional investor relationships help clients meet their strategic, financing and growth objectives. From growth stage funding to complex, large sized transactions later in the cycle, RNB serves clients across the spectrum, ranging from mid market companies to large domestic organizations.

Since its establishment
Currently, the company has two state-of-the-art initiatives for Investors Portfolio Tracking, Transacting and Exploring Universal of MF Schemes which includes an Online Investment Management System on its website and an Exclusive Mobile App RNB Edge. Over the years RNB’s services have been promoted by professionals with vast experience over two decades in Treasury Management, Corporate Finance, Merchant and Investment Banking.

RNB currently manages over 100 clients with a combined AUM of more than 250 crores across debt, equity, and alternative funds. Large corporations, mid sized corporations, HNIs, and semi HNIs are among the clientele. Going forward, the company hopes to mark its footprints in Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Rajkot and plans to gather funds from neigh bouring countries like Dubai and Singapore. The team at RNB also aims to integrate more offerings through its platform and double the size of its clients. “The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the heart of every relationship that we nurture. Our client first mindset will continue to help us craft unique and bespoke solutions for entrepreneurs, investors and board of directors,” concludes Bhoopesh.