Roambee: Creating a Revolution with the Bee

Neeraj Dharia, Country Head - India

Neeraj Dharia

Country Head - India

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) was facing problems delivering its products because of long and unpredictable transit times causing excess inventory pile up where market vehicles were used and the dedicated vehicles leading to high transport costs. The company was in dire need of a shipment monitoring service that could be used across both market vehicles and dedicated trucks, with pattern analytics of shipment data providing insight into areas of improvement. This is when HUL took the help of Roambee, which provided its on-demand shipment monitoring services and its portable wireless monitoring device called the ‘Bee’.

Roambee’s platform provided insights into the areas where the shipment stopped beyond recommended durations and the best of the various routes taken in a sector, along with several detailed visibility reports. With this reporting and analytics, HUL instantly started getting results with reduction in one day of transit time on an average leading to higher Turn Around Time (TAT), lower transportation costs and lower inventory holding cost due to lesser deviation in transit times and predictable ETAs.

Roambeeis powered by its location and condition-aware intelligence cloud platform and an industry-unique,on-demand business model wherecustomers pay only for the shipments they track

Complete Tracking Solutions

Created by an inspired group of tech wizards and shipping pros to usher in a new age in shipment management, Roambee is an Internet of Things (IoT) logistics monitoring company offering real-time, multi sensor, visibility solutions to monitor in-transit shipments and field equipment to eliminate business disruptions and financial risks. The company is powered by its location and condition-aware intelligence cloud platform and an industry-unique, on-demand business model where customers pay only for the shipments or assets they track. The Roambee services utilize the Bee, which has an array of innovative sensor hardware synchronized with a cloud software. Together, they deliver a reliable and cost-effective end-to-end service to track shipments and their condition in real time, which can provide customers information about shipments and their in-transit condition to avoid loss, improve operational efficiency and save money.

The hardware comes with various features and provides real-time alerts on temperature thresholds,
humidity in the package, delays, shocks, light exposure, tampering, deviation from the assigned route, changes in ETA and many more, thereby providing accurate data of the shipment and its condition to the clients. With GPS based vehicle tracking still being used at large, Roambee’s Bee has created a revolution in the logistics industry. The Bee comes with a battery that lasts up to 90 days and lesser chance of tamper, leading to high uptime and is capable of roaming on multiple networks while using cellular triangulation and network based location as a backup which is almost absent in the traditional GPS tracking devices. It can monitor shipments globally from land, sea, rail and sky using the cloud software and provide real time alerts to the consumer through a mobile application. All these features together make Roambee bring an unheard simplicity in accessing actionable information where customers are in control of their shipments.

Going Ahead

Founded in 2013, Roambee is headquartered in Santa Clara, and has offices in Durban, South Africa and India. It’s highly experienced leadership is battle-proven professionals from the Fortune 100 companies who lead a young team dedicated in developing world class solutions. After being very successful with its efficient tracking services, Roambee now looks forward to help customers with more advanced complete tracking solutions. It now works in the direction of overcoming all the technical issues and glitches by adapting new technologies and integrating them with their services.