Roinet Solution: A Rural-Focused Technology Driven Financial Services Provider For The Under Served

Sameer Mathur, Managing Director

Sameer Mathur

Managing Director

India is home to 700 million underserved people living in rural parts of the country. While the Indian government has done a great job of ensuring a bank account for every eligible citizen, the availability of access points continues to be a gap. The rural outlay has been increasing every year with more money flowing to the bank accounts of rural residents. However, distribution and penetration of financial products like insurance, saving, and mutual funds are abysmally low. With rapidly growing awareness and ubiquitous availability of mobile and fixed broadband, the Fintech space remains very hot, ripe with massive growth opportunities for every player in the sector. Mirroring the growth of constantly evolving industry since 2012, ROINET Solution a trusted, rural-focused, and technology-driven financial services provider was born with a vision of enabling the access of banking and other financial services for the unbanked underserved population at the bottom of the pyramid. The company has adopted the strategy of transforming its CSP (Customer Service Points) as a one-stop-shop for all financial services in addition to basic banking. It is uniquely positioned as a dominant rural Fintech player, thus continuously integrating new products and services into its technology platform. Today, ROINET boast of its best-in-class technology platform being a trusted partner of six national banks and a formidable leadership team. The company has its CSP in 22 states covering 520 districts, and more than two million customers getting serviced on its network of 30,000 service points, with transactions worth $1 billion. ROI NET is well-funded with the support of a Singapore based investor group.

The 'X' Factor
In addition to banking services, ROINET has enabled end-to-end digital, paperless, and seamless service points to offer life-enriching services like insurance, PAN card, recharges and ticketing, and more. The transactions are authenticated with Aadhaar, which makes them completely secure with no chance of error or fraud. Every service point is connected to the CBS (Core Banking System) through its in-house developed technology platform, which is tested and certified for
network security. The cost of availing basic banking services like money deposit, withdrawal, and more is zero. Other financial services are also offered at a very low cost. The strategy is to extract higher transaction volume per customer by offering him/her multiple services.

ROINET plans to ensure presence in all addressable districts of India within the current fiscal year ending March 2020

ROINET ensures that the customer service partner that it on-boards is from the same village and understands language and dialect. Rural customers avail virtually all services that he/she get in traditional bank branch such as opening a new account/fixed deposit/recurring deposit, depositing/ withdrawing money. Being technology-driven, the CSP operates early in the morning to late evening and even on bank holidays, which makes it very convenient for the residents.

Journey So Far
The journey so far has been very fulfilling with its share of highs and lows. ROINET added significant competitive advantage by developing an in a house technology platform, which provides scalability and agility in meeting ever-changing customer needs with speed. In the last two years, the company has transitioned from pure play banking service provider to financial service provider. The company has been growing multifold year-on-year on both revenue and CSP. ROINET is a strong 110-member team. The management team consists of strong leaders with over two decades of experience from diverse sectors, including IT, Telecom, and FMCG. The team has owned the responsibility of improving the quality of life for all the stakeholders as its sole purpose of existence. Therefore, customer centricity becomes the central theme, and the team members think, act, and understand the world around them. The company encourages the team to work hard and party hard. It also empowers them with decision-making authority and enables them with training and rewards. ROINET is fortunate to have Mr AP Hota as an advisor who is the chief architect of modern payment interfaces while he headed the National Payment Corporation of India.

Mapping the Future
ROINET plans to ensure presence in all addressable districts of India within the current fiscal year ending March 2020. It is also in the process of rapidly adding the sales and distribution teams in uncovered geographies and planning to cover all addressable districts of the country. It is investing significantly in technology and customer support infrastructure for best-in-class consumer experience. "We are right on track for meeting our goals of the growing number of CSP and revenue topline threefold over last year. We plan to continuously add new products and services in our platform and introduce at least one new service every quarter. We are also looking forward to investing heavily in newer technologies like AI and Data Analytics for understating our consumers better and tailormake solutions for them," concludes Sameer Mathur, Managing Director, ROI NET Solution.

Key Management
Sameer Mathur – Managing Director
Sanjeev Mahajan – Chief Growth Officer
Vivek Gupta – CTO
Chander Madan – CFO
Devesh Shanker – Business Head - FI
Nitesh Agarwalla - Business Head - Green Energy

Offerings: Digital Banking Services Bill Pay & Utility Services Insurance, Green Energy

Offices: Gurugram