Roopra Biomols: Intuitive, Innovative & Dynamic Technologies

Roopha Prabhakar, Founder & Director

Roopha Prabhakar

Founder & Director

Augmented by government support, a wealth of investment and rising consumer demand, the biotechnology industry is booming. In the present scenario, the industry needs robust yet reliable and costeffective technologies that are up to date with industry standards. New technologies introduce newer challenges. And with regard to industries in R&D, there are no standardised requirements in terms of software programs and tools for analysis and research. Every customer requires an application or software that is highly customizable and could be tailored to suit their needs. Also, this customization is based on their domain of research. The challenge arises during the implementation & integration of their research environment & data with newer technologies like AI, Cloud and Blockchain. Despite AI and machine learning being the buzz words, they are accompanied with bottlenecks in terms of as similating AI with the existing data centres, data warehouses and platforms. Roopra Biomols offers value added services in the field of Cloud Computing and Machine Learning in the perspective of bioscience in a low cost agile model to their customers.

A bioinformation company specializing in addressing the complex challenges and growing needs of the Biotech industry, Roopra Biomols aims at serving its customers in an intuitive and Innovative manner with
dynamic technologies. It provides contract bioinformatics research solutions, customized knowledge base platform design, development of personalized software, algorithms, artificial intelligence &machine learning applications for bioinformatics data analysis and also offers bioinformatics cloud design, infrastructure, implementation, migration and support. “Advanced scientific research in the arena of biosciences is creating a data overflow that needs to be deciphered by transferring data into technology. Our goal is to provide end-to-end bioinformatics solutions to Biotech and Pharma companies and academia all over the world,” speaks Roopha Prabhakar, Founder & Director.

The Inception Story
From her childhood, Roopha was intrigued by technology. She envisioned the exponential outcome of combining the basic sciences with computer technologies. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science Computer Technology she aspired to become an IAS(Indian Administrative Service). Further, with an MBA in Technology Management she is ambitious of becoming a leader in the field of upcoming technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Roopha is a self made woman, active and avid learner of novel technologies frequently conducting research on niche topics on latest trends in computer technologies. During one such research, she was captivated to discover how advances in the field of computing have impacted the biotech industry. This is when her eagerness to become a part of the bioscience industry began to amplify. She believes that cloud computing powered by AI could transform and accelerate bioscience research leading to discovery of newer drugs and therapeutics. “Technologies like Cloud computing and AI are creating a revolution in today’s world in the field of Information Technology. New business opportunities arise with the advent of every latest technology in the market. And there is immense scope for business with these technologies especially in the area of biosciences. All these things led to the beginning of Roopra Biomols in 2018,” she asserts.

Within a short period,the company has completed POCs on Biological Knowledge bases pertaining to Structural Bioinformatics, Cloud Migration, scalable HPC cloud infrastructure and low cost Machine Learning platform. Roopra Biomols is currently developing an inhouse product line related to AI powered drug discovery & lead-target identification and also initiateda research project on clinical trials in collaboration with academics.

The Growth
Growing steadily, the team is discussing partnerships from companies in Canada & South Korea and clients from Malaysia and the USA. Realizing the need of the hour, their vision is to empower their customers with cloud based AI platform, software and tools. “We aim at creating partnership and collaborations for knowledge transfers benefiting the participants and creating a win-win equation,” she concludes.