Roqoqo Designs: Makes Amazing Things, Everyday!

 Rohit Satpathy, Co-Founder,   Manali Khapre, Co-Founder

Rohit Satpathy, Co-Founder

Creative fields are such that everyone has their own perceptions. In the end, it is all about overcoming those fixed ideo-logies and understanding the client the best. We have our insight into the current market pulse and latest trends, coupled with an innate understanding of our clients’ needs, enabling us to build fruitful fulfilling partnerships with our clients and partners,” says Rohit Satpathy, Co-founder, Roqoqo Designs. Pune-based Roqoqo Designs is one of the leading design companies with 10+ years of experience in the interior designing and home décor landscape. “We focus on unique personalized client solutions, finding the crux of what the client wants and how to best express those aspects. Our 3D renders and in house manufacturing, in turn, ensure precision in the understanding of those concepts,” he asserts.

Roqoqo Designs employs cutting-edge 3D rendering technology in lieu of tradi-tional 2D drawings and blueprints. This allows easy visualization of the project and incorporating quick updates or changes easy while providing real
-time feedback to clients. “Our team is young and energetic, up to date with the latest trends and bursting with new ideas, allowing us to present our clients with the best ideas and concepts for their vision,” he mentions.

The Inception
Roqoqo Designs, the brainchild of Rohit Satpathy and Manali Khapre, began indi-vidually as Shiv Realty and Leo Designs, initially. Eventually, it was merged to zero down to a company that would provide a complete turnkey solution to the pros-pective buyers. Rohit’s experience and marketing skills have helped the company grow to the stage it is today while Manali has been actively working in this field for over a decade and her insights have proved invaluable in ensuring its continued progress.

While Roqoqo Designs started its full-fledged operations, the primary focus was to recruit the right talent. Rohit’s business acumen together with Manali’s keen perception soon helped them create a well-rounded accom-plished team. “With a good team in place it was only a matter of time after which our work started to speak for itself and our satisfied customer base grew exponentially,” informs Manali.

Roqoqo Designs upholds stringent quality control protocols right from manufacturing until the installation of the fixtures to avoid any kind of quality compromise. Throwing light on the same, Manali expli-cates, “We believe every client deserves a good quality designer product in the end, and no fluctuation in quality must occur regardless of project scale. We have 24x7
support service for our clients throughout the process to help them have transparent communication is transparent and allowing them to be actively involved in the project while avoiding the accompanying stress. We have served everyone from small house owners to big conglomerates, and can say with pride they have all been satisfied by our work.”

Manali Khapre, Co-Founder

What’s Next!
The immense support from clients and a hardworking team has helped Roqoqo Designs navigate its way around in the market. The self funded company has registered expo-nential growth in the number of clients since its inception. Besides, it has completed 5 lakh sq.ft. Design projects, in a short span of time.

In the years to come, team Roqoqo Designs wishes to expand horizons to other metros in Maharashtra and neighbouring states. “With its projects already proceeding in Goa and Navi Mumbai, we are currently working to expand our team and set up bases in our target cities to serve our customers in those places better,” they conclude.