RoundChillies: Fresh &Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Brand Presence Online

Santanu Das & Souvik Biswas,Co-Founder & CEO & Co-Founder

Santanu Das & Souvik Biswas

Co-Founder & CEO & Co-Founder

For a long time now, West Bengal has been branded as the black sheep of India in terms of opportunities in any technical sector. Many companies which started great failed to make it big due to lack of exposure. But from past few years, Kolkata is emerging as the new start-up hub and gradually the ecosystem is emerging and maturing despite hiccups. Catching the drift at an early stage, Santanu Das and SouvikBiswas (Co-Founders) set up RoundChillies in 2015,that’s going full throttle with its digital marketing techniques to help start-ups, corporate houses & individual entrepreneurs to get noticed online and multiply the customer while grabbing enhanced brand visibility digitally.

Go Round, Get Found

RoundChillies is a full service digital marketing agency that offers services akin to search engine optimisation (SEO), Social media planning, website development, Content Planning and Copywriting,
Online Advertising, E-mail campaigns and such related services. With a cumulative experience of 20 plus years, the team of marketing and branding experts at RoundChillies design web strategies todevelop bespoke customer-friendly websites along with mobile apps and internet marketing to give a wholesome digital marketing experience to its clients.Using a comprehensive set of internet marketing services, the company not only enhances the visibility of the websiteand increase the traffic but also doubles the conversion rate.

The marketing & branding experts at RoundChillies design web strategies to develop bespoke customer-friendly websites along with mobile apps and internet marketing

The company doesn’t believe making futile promises with fancy numbers, instead it thinks logically from the client’s point of view and makes the customer understand the approach and work as a partner till it delivers fruitful results.For instance, RoundChillies has worked with an automobile magazine from the middle east, who were facing a drop in website traffic and social media engagement due to the lack of English content readers in GCC countries. Round Chillies worked on the website and completely revamped the look giving a lighter
tone and making the content more appealing. The site was also re-optimised for mobile. All major articles and pages were search engine optimised with proper metatags. This helped in improving the organic traffic from the local audience. RoundChillies even optimised the Google AdWords and Facebook Ad Manager accounts to reduce the cost and increase the engagement. Over a period of two months, the website traffic from the target locations tripled and within three months, the magazine gained around 50k new followers on social media doubling average engagements.

Future Outlook

Despite of impeccable digital marketing services, RoundChillies faces a turbulence of educating the clients in Kolkata to experience this format, as most of them are local merchants (apart from few international clients) in the vertical of education, corporate training and healthcare, who are quite unknown about the magical power of digital and the kind of RoI and brand visibility it can garner. At present, RoundChillies work from a single office in Salt Lake, Kolkata, with more than seven full time employees. The company maintains an interesting start-up culture with a tinge of corporate essence. It is currently focusing on increasing the number of local clients and slowly moving to national and eventually pitching into the international market. Currently RoundChillies has broken from freelancing work style and switched to work like a regular agency house and be at the top.