ROV Labs: This Startup is Shaping the Way We Utilize UAVs

Harshavardhanasrinivasan, Co-Founder,Krishnakumar Thirunavukkarasu, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Harshavardhanasrinivasan, Co-Founder

Krishnakumar Thirunavukkarasu, Co-Founder & Managing Director

over the past decade, UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, have become widely popular and received tremendous interest in government, consumer, and commercial markets. Since drones can perform business critical and mission critical tasks without much human involvement, they have gained a pivotal movement in the realm of productivity and smart automation. And that's where the expertise of ROV Labs lies.

"The Founders Of The Company Have The Experience Of UAV As A Major Tool For Collecting Essential Aerial Data"

The Chennai based company works on all drone categories such as UGV and UWV, with UAVs being their primary focus. ROV Labs is a Chennai based UAV startup founded in 2020.

With its team of experts, the company has developed multiple autopilot systems and other proprietary support systems with the potential to revolutionize the commercial drones marketplace.

The team collaborates with an extensive range of businesses and organizations to help them collect the essential aerial data as per their applications and needs. ROV Labs follows all the relevant IEC standards in its project executions and is essentially looking to gain a foot hold in the commoditized drones marketplace.

ROV Labs work on one primary motto, "Become a world class manufacturer and supplier of industrial drones."

ROV Labs for the Shifting Paradigm
With the ascent of industrial robots, new propulsion technology, autonomous driving, and power efficient systems, businesses transiting to UVAs is quite natural. While drones are not new, they have not been widely used for commercial applications. However, with the industry making strides in component technology and computing software, there is a change of scene.

The founders of the company have the experience of UAV as a major tool for collecting essential aerial data. In addition, they also have an indepth known and hands-on experience in building UAVs, which allows them to customize their products as per their clients' needs.

ROV Labs Work On One Primary Motto, Become A World Class Manufacturer And Supplier Of Industrial Drones

Considering the Indian Government's restrictions and regulations, we have created all our UAVs and their supporting systems per DGCA's compliance guidelines. Today, ROV Labs is developing multiple proprietary support systems, including MIMU: A UAV autopilot system, E-HANGAR: A cloud based platform for UAV assets management, ECU: Electronic Control Unit for onboard generator system, a hybrid power source, and Rov Warrior & Dragon Eye.

Krishnakumar Thirunavukkarasu, Co-Founder & Managing Director
A Movement
ROV Labs teams has six core principles desperation never yields results capital comes at a cost inordinately high and way too limited building interests for multistake holders by sharing, bringing more strength and resilience and credit is procreated by knowledge & possibility, which is a cycle. The startup also believes that a broken and twisted industrial environment has to be simplified and integrated one step at a time, which will enable exercising the derived fundamental right of accessing opportunities and growing!

With these principles and its innovative offerings & transparent services, ROV Labs is looking to disrupt the commercial drones market place in India. ROV Labs doesn't look at itself as a company but a movement. According to its founders a company has certain limitations, but a movement is limitless!