RoyalMobi Media: Redefining the AdTech Landscape with Sustainable & Innovation-Driven Advertising

 Shwet Kamal, Founder & CEO,   Rohit Tiwari, VP - Business & Strategies

Shwet Kamal, Founder & CEO

Rohit Tiwari, VP - Business & Strategies

The adtech startup landscape is evolving with remarkable trends. Personalization through AI, privacy-centric solutions, and immersive formats are in vogue. Yet, challenges persist - from navigating stringent data regulations to establishing credibility in a competitive field. Successfully meeting these parameters requires a blend of innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and a deep understanding of the ever-shifting digital advertising landscape. Royal mobi Media, a dynamic partnership geared towards propelling advertising endeavors to unparalleled success is one of the most prominent adtech startups turning heads with their creative solutions. Amid the whirlwind of industry evolution, Royalmobi’s agility and unwavering dedication to being trendsetters ensures the clients are not just keeping up, but blazing trails.

Flagship Offerings & USPs
Royalmobi, founded in 2017, started as a Branding and Performance Marketing agency, later steering towards AdTech by developing Apps, CRMs, tracking and emailing softwares. Led by seasoned professionals Shwet Kamal – Director, Rohit Tiwari – VP Business & Strategies, and Rashmi Raj – Business Manager; boasting over 20 years of experience and ex pertise within the digital ecosystem, Royalmobi pioneered in providing right solutions and managing a great hold on mVAS Content promotion by maintaining fraud in control.

“Our vision is to lead India's ad tech industry by delivering cutting-edge solutions that
transform digital advertising and drive exceptional results for our clients. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to data-driven excellence. We harness cutting-edge analytics to provide deep insights, enabling hyper-personalized ad experiences that captivate audiences”, shares Rohit Tiwari, VP Business and Strategies.

Among its many innovative solutions, Royalmobi has devised an array of inhouse Android apps from the buzz of VIRALMUNCH and the charm of FUNNGO, to the enchantment of Picto Magic. Software gems include dynamic inventory management and the innovation hub, Adsbling Adplatform. A web footprint, exemplified by Fatafatpaisa, caters diligently to BFSI needs.

“We thrive on innovation, putting you the customer front and center. Fueled by a dynamic team and strategic alliances, we forge ahead, setting new standards. Our creative ad formats spark attention, unwavering transparency fosters trust, and our cross-channel mastery blankets campaigns far and wide. With razorsharp audience targeting, AI-driven realtime finesse, and a commitment to excellence, we redefine success”, shares Rashmi Raj, Business Manager.

“At the center of Royalmobi’s offerings stands programmatic advertising and performance marketing (including App marketing & Lead generation as key strengths) where AI and real-time bidding orchestrate optimal ad placements. Having Web and mobile traffic world-wide and with AdTech platforms, Royalmobi tries to minimize fraud conversions. We house a dedicated quality assurance team, meticulously honing adcreatives and relishing RoI driven results”, says Shwet Kamal, Director.

“Additionally, Royalmobi stands out for its dedicated security practices. Harnessing cutting-edge fraud detection mechanisms, Royalmobi Media champions an immaculate advertising realm. "In the AI-driven battle against mobile ad fraud, LLM harmonizes precision with innovation, creating a future where our systems thrive in secure, digital excellence", says Kumar Shubham, Tech Head.

Charting the Path Ahead
This year, Adtech enterprises set their sights on a multi-faceted agenda: cultivating revenue upswings, nurturing client loyalties, broadening market horizons, and sculpting product evolution. Royalmobi plans for the upcoming years a new chapter standing resolutely to an open embrace of AI's marvels. Orchestrating cross-channel integration and the finesse of data monetization, Royalmobi is setting the groundwork for a tremendous growth trajectory. Within this arrangement, blockchain and sustainability beckon as enticing territories. As technology develops its rapid evolution, as data metamorphoses, and as user expectations take flight, this enterprise stands poised for a future of unrivaled relevance and resonance.