RS Wealth Management: Helping Clients Grow their Wealth Through Investment Opportunities

Ranganathan Srinivasan,  FounderRanganathan Srinivasan, the mind behind the origin of RS Wealth Management schemed to develop a wealth management ecosystem that is more of a client oriented than one that only pitches towards products. Having spent two decades ranging over the domain, he attained a complete in and out reading about it. He came across theme chanism according to which the leading Banks and Mutual Fund set ups in India functioned. These institutions were more of a product centric and were bereft of certified as well as experienced professionals. Srinivasan reckoned the verity that organizations in this field need to be more inclined towards the client’s requisites in order to aptly administer their finance and wealth issues. In consequence, he decided to foster the path of being an independent advisor, structuring a wealth management firm that is purely customer centric.

RS Wealth Management endeavours to compose and select the best investment ideas and solutions for its clients, assuring them a complete wealth protection and creation. “My objective was to build a wealth advisory and management company that serves as a one stop shop delivering top-notch solutions in this space, safeguarding and increasing the financial possession of clients within the country and over the sea,”states Ranganathan Srinivasan, Founder, RS Wealth Management.

Known to be a committed wealth management platform, RS Wealth
Management has been creating best-in-class experience and delivering high quality services to its clients. It has perpetuated itself as an independent wealth management firm that observes an approach that is purely client centric. The company has always deliberated to deliver the best investment solutions in order comply with the investment requirements, goals and decisions of the clients. To further provide an ancillary support to its customers, this wealth management firm is putting forward products and solutions to make the process of managing one’s opulence convenient and troublefree. “We are basically moving along with time, depending on the needs and the trend we upgrade our offerings. Our attempt is be develop an untroubled and well-mannered method to help people deal with finance and property related issues efficiently. We have set our hands in framing technologically equipped products and services to meet the trending and current day affairs,” he utters.

RS Wealth Management is helping the clients to reach their investment and asset goals

Constituted in the year 2015, the company’s claim to fame characteristic is its team which personifies experts having tabulated experience of over 20 years. The teams’ strong suit is having a highbrow over Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Wealth Manager which empowers them to manage and develop investment portfolio construction that is best fitting and well informed. It has instituted tie ups with major Asset Management Companies, Portfolio Management Companies, Life and other Insurance Companies, strategic tie ups with Equity & Bond offering, putting up solutions for Estate planning too. To which he adds, “With over two decades of experience and knowledge about the industry, RS Wealth Management team assures effective and secured measures to guide and grow our client’s wealth. However by implementing a positive and transparent practice ad work culture, we have become the best company to work with and for.” The brain boxes of the company have succeeded in bringing about great forward movements. In a span of four years, it has managed about 500 million USD with earned 200+ gratified clients.

The Future
RS Wealth Management has set a burgeoning plan for itself where it aims at experience an organic and horizontal growth. Under the mentorship of some of the well read minds in the industry, the company aspires to witness a growth one billion USD by 2020 with a client base exceeding 500. In a word, it aims to be a global & reliable wealth manager, helping the clients to reach their investment and asset goals.