RSJ Food Industry: Eco-Friendly Production of Premium Paper Goods

Pranav Rangani, Co-Founder &,  Pranav Joshi, Co-Founder

Pranav Rangani, Co-Founder &

Pranav Joshi, Co-Founder

The packaging and FMCG business in India has undergone a continuous transformation over the years while growing to become one of the main economic sectors in the country. For a very long time, the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), food processing, and pharmaceuticals industries have been driving the packaging industry's growth in India. With the outbreak of COVID, the world has realized the importance of a healthy life style and the environment. There is a growing need for effective and sustainable packaging. Some of the brands that are growing the quickest are in the lead. Consumers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly products, and sustainability is quickly gaining popularity among corporations. RSJ Food Industry LLP is one of the leading companies in the sustainable packaging/FMCG sector primarily offering Paper Straw Manufacturing. Established in 2018, and headquartered in Mumbai, the company is fully committed to sustainability and ecofriendly products.

When it comes to balancing by conserving the environment and at the same time generating additional business opportunities. There would be hurdles in the growth trajectory for the startups. Startups must, however, structure themselves to achieve a balance between the two. The main driving force behind developing the concept into a fullfledged production facility was the desire to provide clients with a selection of
environment friendly products. Social impact analysis on the products helps them to understand that ecofriendly products are the need of the hour.After the pandemic, hygiene and safety became of utmost importance for our lifestyle.

RSJ has been founded on the pillars of ethics, trust values, commitment and responsibility towards the environment and society. The company is determined to provide safety standard products which prevents any probable harm to the health and promotes hygiene. The Company is a leading manufacturer and trader of paper products. "We have a wide range of Paper straws which includes White, Colored and Customised Paper straws (Wrapped and Unwrapped), paper cups, paper bags, areca items and other disposable items. We use 100% ecofriendly all Made In India raw materials for our products keeping in mind the objective of making our society plastic free. Throughout our production processes we encourage &promote the use of methodology directed towards safeguarding and protecting the environment from plastic pollution which has been harming our earth for centuries", says Pranav Joshi, Co-Founder of RSJ.

RSJ's journey in the ecofriendly packaging industry began when the demand for Ecofriendly products catapulted as a result of the visible deterioration of environment due to plastic wastes. The tagline of the industry `Let's try one more time' itself shows commitment and concern towards the environment. It is important to have a strong team with a creative and managerialcommitment to building a strong market presence. Pranav Joshi, Founded RSJ Food and holds a degree in International Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Russia. His robust experiences and insights in this field help the company to tackle the practical challenges of the business. Pranav Rangani who is the co-founder and designated partner of RSJ holds a degree in Civil Engineering and brings experience in business management. The company is backed by Qualified Lawyers Charted secretaries and managers who take care of the statutory compliances, production and distribution process. The company has expanded its reach and now exports its products to the US and Canada.

Future Roadmap
The journey of RSJ has been phenomenal. The firm constantly strives to capture new markets and create diversified products with improved quality for their customers. It always ensures to advertise the awareness of using ecofriendly products. RSJ's ideology of 'One year 365 possibilities' always motivates the team to work harder. RSJ is currently focusing on research and development customer satisfaction and diversification. RSJ's ultimate target is to eliminate 100 percentage usage of plastic from the world.