RummyCircle: Ultimate Platform for Playing Indian Rummy Game Online

Bhavin Pandya & Trivikraman Thampy,Co-Founders
Bhavin Pandya& TrivikramanThampy
The eSports market in India is niche yet picking up steam with opportunities galore at the moment. The Infrastructure and Structural Hierarchy are the underlying problems pertaining to the industry. Chennai based Playtonia has been striving hard since the past few years to carve a niche for itself and addressing itself to the community by catering selflessly. With its varied online and offline tournaments on trot throughout the span of 1.5 years, Playtonia has provided immense opportunities for gamers and the IT brands involved in the ecosystem.

“Aligned with our vision, we began with developing an online 13 card rummy-game, an extremely popular card game in India. Spending a large time in building the product and the team, we finally launched our beta version called Finally, we were successful in launching a full-fledged online rummy game platform - Play Games24x7,” says Bhavin.

Initially incepted as Play Games24x7, the platform was
rebranded as in 2012. The main purpose was to deliver seamless and best rummy experience to its players. The company was aware of the role played by mobile phone games among the online Indian consumers but when it came to wallet share, people were bound to first address their needs. That’s where the demographics came into account. Trivikraman avers, “At RummyCircle, we have carefully studied how demographics map to engagement and monetization. Our results consistently showcased that 95 percent of revenue is generated by players over 25.

"RummyCircle is been funded by a New York based angel investor, Tiger Global and has over 8 million+ registered players on its portal"

It is this intersection between the immersive experiences and demographic aspect that is going to drive the exponential growth of the online gaming sector in the near years.”

Easy, Safe and Customized Offerings
RummyCircle as one of India’s favourite destinations for playing online rummy ensures to provide a hassle-free experience for its users. The platform treats every single player as someone that has a unique set of expectations from their gaming experience. Dedicating substantial resources to analyze the players’ behaviour and customize their experience, RummyCircle starts right from localizing the content language
according to the player’s choice. This gets carried over to its loyalty program whereby the players not just receive promotional offers but also tournament offerings and highly individualized customer-service.

Bhavin asserts, “We believe that through the actions on the game, the players are constantly improvising their gaming experience. We take their feedback and try to respond to their needs.” With a high-quality interface backed by the latest security features, the platform leverages the best to make rummy playing experience an entertaining one along with being convenient. Driven to offer a mix of classic & modern styles of rummy games online, RummyCircle’s key offerings include Free Rummy, Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Indian Rummy, and Rummy Card Game Tournaments.

Mumbai based RummyCircle is touted to be the first online game business to launch skill games for cash prizes. The company is been funded by a New York-based angel investor, Tiger Global and has over 8 million+ registered players in its portal. Over the years, RummyCircle has grown impressively YoY and expects to grow by 50 percent in this fiscal year. Using data extensively to acquire and retain players, the company aims to predict user behaviour in real-time, render customized offerings to increase engagement and be a company that is recognized to create a difference in the entertainment space.