Runner Courier And Logistics: Offering Lightning Quick Delivery Solutions with Seamless Transit Transparency

Mahesh Patel,  Founder

Mahesh Patel


The last mile industry's journey began with nonessential goods like clothing, books, electronics, and other goods. The hyperlocal food delivery boom ushered in the second stage of growth. The pandemic has increased the importance of the third phase, which is food and medicine. Nowadays, everything is delivered in a lot less time than before. TAT deliveries are now much faster than they were a few years ago. The efficiency level has already surpassed the limits of what can be accomplished best on ‘foot and wheels’ in metros and Category A cities. The last-mile delivery market has existed since mankind first used messenger services and invented writing. Runner Courier and Logistics had the chance to closely observe the development of the lastmile delivery industry and be a part of the boom in the last few years.

A division of Reva Corporation, Runner Courier and Logistics was established in 2015, to offer last mile services to web aggregators and e-Commerce businesses. Its main line of business is the last mile, which has built a solid reputation in that industry. The firm has also been successful in other logistics related fields over the years, including heavy movements, line haul, first
mile, and last mile. The company has offices in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Surat, in addition to its main location. Through its branch network and delivery partners, Runner Courier and Logistics is also present in the majority of India and serves about 11,000 pin codes.

Best-in-class time bound delivery solutions are provided by Runner Courier and Logistics for your home or place of business with seamless transit transparency. The company provides many services, including Domestic, International, Retail and Wholesale Courier. This is a traditional courier service that delivers packages to doors and desks. These services are available for zip codes in the UK, the US, AUS, CAN, and the Middle East. Only air freight express service. This service is offered for envelopes, candy boxes, and just about anything else that is legal. The second service is First Mile, which offers pick-up for both businesses and individuals, and the third service is Last Mile, which offers customized delivery for all types of customers. Heavy movement with a full truckload on demand, pickup truck, and multi-axle trailer can also be connected, both within cities and across state lines. The last service provided is Airport to Airport (Domestic), which is available for super urgent shipments at the majority of India's major airports.

The retail courier industry and last mile delivery are Runner Courier and Logistics' areas of expertise. The company has strengthened its presence through organic client growth and by remaining connected to the business at the ground level. This is a strength of the company and helps it to get past the initial difficulties that every entrepreneur experiences. The firm is not under any loan liabilities and does not have venture capital. It has no financial backing from investors. The last 15 months have seen a very positive response from the market. Nearly every week, Runner Courier and Logistics adds a new client. Its customer retention rate exceeds 95 percent, indicating that its clients are satisfied.

In the upcoming five years, Runner Courier and Logistics intend to open 200 branches all across India. “We are investing in technology to automate the majority of the process and ensure unprecedented levels of shipment movement speed and transparency. Additionally, we are looking into options for global connectivity with other carriers. The next ten years will be exciting as we work to provide our customers with cutting-edge, incredibly reliable delivery services at very affordable prices”, concludes Fazle Hasnayen, CoFounder, Runner Courier and Logistics.