Runtime Solutions: Meet the Techies with a Creative Soul

Arjun Chatterjee,Founder & CEO

Arjun Chatterjee

Founder & CEO

Driven by the rapid technology inflow, the web development industry has undoubtedly triggered a revolution to bring various trends and entrepreneurs to the fore. But the domain which had once brought an up-thrust now seems to be relatively plateaued. “There are very large agencies as well as freelance companies and smaller studios reinventing the wheel, which has splintered the market in terms of value proposition. However, it’s an interesting time to barge in and spearhead the change in the industry,” proclaims Arjun Chatterjee, the Founder & CEO of Runtime Solutions. And that’s precisely how Runtime is successful in pushing itself onto the other end of the spectrum. As a creative powerhouse, Runtime has established a forte in going beyond the possibilities to visualize innovation and with this spirit, is helping its clients to execute breakthrough ideas.

The Transformation

“Having been exposed to transformations, challenges, discoveries and solutions in the digital industry, foraying into web design/development was a logical extension of that thought process,” explains Arjun who has worked
previously with the TATA Group and Network18 in Product and Marketing roles in and around the digital space. Arjun took Runtime from being a thriving startup to be one amongst the 500 fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific (by Deloitte) that focuses towards offering quality business solutions across the digital media landscape – right from Content management systems to Web services for a Mobile-first world, all the way to consulting for emerging business models in the disruptive online world.

Runtime’s collaborative approach and business linkages makes its web development solutions a cutting-edge experience which also serves as the underpinning for their every service

“Their involvement in any project is like that of a team member committed to making any project a success. In the industry where we are always running against time, Runtime runs faster and gives extremely timely results,” says a happy client. In fact, with specialized and experienced change-capable web professionals, solutions and creative innovations, it comes as no surprise that Runtime has emerged to be most trusted partner for 75+ customers including marquee national and international brands like Mahindra, TATA Motors, Piramal Group, BalmerLawrie, Zycus, Mastek SOGETI Labs. Further, the company’s collaborative approach and business linkages makes its web development solutions a
cutting-edge experience, which also serves as the underpinning for their every service.

Partnering with the Best

With offices in Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, Runtime constantly ensures that it houses best-of-the-breed talents and has partnered with eminent institutions across India, while its summer internship program backs the recruitment process. Once onboard, they are empowered to excel in not only their core technical strength, but also non-functional endeavors, through trainings, seminars and workshops. The work culture is vibrant and instills an interactive environment wherein employees are encouraged to freely communicate their thoughts, creativity and suggestions.

Unlike majority of the startups who boasts of typical glass and chrome corporate setups, the company runs its operations in a bungalow with a lush garden to add a touch of serenity and openness. “We are also marked distinctively with our flexible work timings. They can come at whatever time they are comfortable with,as long as the tasks and targets get accomplished efficiently,” concludes Arjun.

These young and motivated minds are helping the company to reach for the sky. With few flagship products and 10+ eminent recognitions in its brace, Runtime envisions itself as a product company and is rearing up to bring their own mobile apps into the market, with fundraising endeavors to strengthen this transformation. Having several international tie-ups in its pipeline, Runtime is currently in talks with others to broaden their geographical footprint.