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Rahul Kapoor,   Founder & CEO

Rahul Kapoor, Founder & CEO

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country is witnessing a never seen before transformation across industries. With passage of each day, it is getting better and better. Streamlining this growth to the next level, the Govt. is taking the necessary steps and initiatives to ensure sustainable economic growth. More than anything, the nation is offering an attractive long-term future, powered by the consuming class and salaried professionals that is expected to grow multifold in the coming years.

Overall, these developments are poised to have tremendous opportunities for domestic and international businesses and provide easy access to capital, technology, and other investments, as well as the products andservices that meet the urban consumers’ demands. According to some industry reports, Mumbai’s economy is said to hit US$245 billion in consumption by 2030; followed by the next four cities, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Ahmadabad. Each market will have an annual-consumption of approximately US$ 80 billion to 175 billion.

A few of the game-changing products and services have already hit the market with promising results thereby taking the country’s economic growth. The private sectors are playing a pivotal role, both in creating and providing efficient solutions, which meet the consumer, Govt. and business needs. One such company that is in align with these transformations, is Mumbai-based Rupee Catalyst (Peakprofits Capital Consultancy Private Limited), a startup india & DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion) approved company that stands abreast in the finance ecosystem, where it provides a full stack of financial products and services to its clients, under one roof.

“Mumbai is an exciting place for every body. Be it, salaried professionals or business owners, the avenues to make money are plenty. Even till this day, people do not want to leave this city for the very same reason. Once you understand the target audience/consumers and adding value, there is no looking back. The business will automatically thrive. At the same time, if you don’t understand your target audience, the business cannot be successful.It is bound to fail miserably,” says Rahul Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Rupee Catalyst, sharing his experience as a Mumbai fintech startup.

He further adds,“Interestingly, Mumbai is also a very well disciplined market in terms of distribution of financial products, its acceptance, adoption and most importantly majority of the people belong to the salaried or working class, who have fixed income coming in, monthly basis. If your product is right and fits their requirements, then you are in the right place to sell.”
The First Step towards Financial Freedom
An exbanker, sport enthusiasts, Rahul is very passionate about everything he sets his mind! He believes in result-oriented investment-philosophy with a focus on long term value creation and raising money for clients. Before taking the entrepreneurial plunge in 2017, he has worked in IIFL, CITI Group and GE, and has an expertise of over 16+ years in the field of Credit Underwriting and Risk Management along with various Financial Loan Products. Rahul specializes in Retail & Corporate Loans along with Investment Banking and Wealth Management. Also, he has a Six Sigma Belt in Quality Management and possesses a certified Master’s Degree in Balance Sheets.

“Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. You have to accept failures and learn from it, and always keep hustling,” asserts Rahul, sharing his experience as a first-time entrepreneur. Initially, the company did go through a roller coaster ride, with GST and RERA act coming into the picture. Successfully adapting to the market and solving the uncertainties in the industry, the Rupee Catalyst was all set to capture the local market, in no time!

The main motive behind setting up Rupee Catalyst was to deliver smooth, hassle-free experience and transaction to the customers, and also to provide access to the financial products and optimize the distribution issues in the financial system. “Leveraging in technology such as AI & ML to bridge this gap was the only way forward,” mentions Rahul, excitingly.

Nonetheless, the product journey of Rupee Catalyst began on an interesting note. From manually providing financial services to automating the entire process in December 2017, the company has come a long way from where it all started. At present, it has partnered with 51+ Banks and financial institutions and more than 30 Fund Houses, thereby providing seamless distribution experience to its clients, and the platform offers various products right from a small Personal Loan to a Large Corporate Loan.

“For instance, when a customer approaches a bank to apply for a loan, there are several parameters that the financial institution takes into consideration, and these days it has become very difficult, to apply for a loan. Simplifying the experience, we have completely automated the process, where we provide options for clients in terms of showing preferred interest rates, duration period, free credit rating check, and many more, thus making sure to fit into their needs and requirements. At the same time, for banks and financial institutions, we send them proposals that are creditworthy and help them to process the transaction much faster and quicker. It’s a win-win situation for both the parties,” explains Rahul.

Today, the company has evolved from providing distributed loans, to offering various financial products like Mutual funds, life Insurance, General Insurance, Fixed Deposits and Private Equity Services to its clients. Rahul avers, “We believe this Industry holds huge potential, especially post Demonetization reforms by the Central Government of India. Also, through our technology support, we are currently in the best place to offer
high-quality financial products and services so that the clients grow in their endeavor and are always connected with us at all times for financial needs and requirements.”

Changing the Way Financial Products & Services reach Local Market
As a first mover advantage, the company has recently launched a application that is said to revolutionize the Indian financial landscape. It is a single platform for investments, mutual funds, SIP, fact sheets, news & videos, and recommended funds, and also, it comes with an e-Locker facility to save personal documents and insurance policy copies and more.

“Today, most companies are succumbing to selling only one particular product, and that is destroying the opportunity to sell more products to the consumer. Therefore, what we have done is, we have partnered with more than 300+ wealth partners in Mumbai, who regularly use our platform for loans, mutual funds, insurance, and fixed deposits amongst other value-added services. This is creating a new wave, where it brings integrity, transparency, and fairness into the entire ecosystem,” avers Rahul.

Upping the notch a bit, Rupee Catalyst not only sells loans, but offers a plethora of other financial products that are user-friendly, seamless, personalized, and faster. Interestingly, the platform, powered by AI has already recorded several behavioral patterns of the clients and financial institutes to be able to provide predictive and result-based outcome to its users and financial institutions.

Leveraging in technology, 90 percent of Rupee Catalyst work is automated, thereby ensuring smooth-operation of process and system. The team consists of 16+ members, who are always on the hook to innovate, ideate and deliver impeccable results.

Growing 30-35 percent YoY revenue-wise, Rahul optimistic about the future of the company concludes “In the next one year, we will have our presence in more than 25+ cities, and we will be looking at a franchise model, where we want to expand our business across geographies. Also, we will be adding more and more financial products to diversify ourselves in the local market.”

Rupee Catalyst – All in One Financial Products & Services
-Home Loan
-Loan Against Property
-Lease Rent Discounting
-Structured Funding
-Construction Finance
-Unsecured Loans
-Working Capital

•Real Estate Solutions
-Project Underwriting

•Investment Advisory
-Investments Sales & Acquisitions
-The company provides a wide range of investment solutions to clients in real-estate, divest assets, and multiple portfolios

• NBFC Services
-Designing Product program(Secured and Unsecured Loans)
-Designing of Risk Policy
-Underwriting Support

• Mutual Funds
• Insurance
• Private Equity
• Fixed Deposits, NCD, AIF and more...