Ruralnomics: A Supply and E-commerce Startup Uplifting the Local Needs of North East India

The boom in the supply and e-commerce industry has paved way for many startups to join the league of the existing players in the market. While the metropolitan cities are witnessing a rise in these sectors, their rural regions are experiencing a slow and steady growth with a few startups finding their way to function from the unexplored regions of the country. Ruralnomics Pvt. Ltd. is one such supply and e-commerce startup established in Guwahati with a vision to enter into the Agri Poultry Tech industry. As northeast is the nonvegetarian zone offering huge scope to the Meat supply market to serve a good number of customers as and when required. "Our technology is based on rural and agriculture tech developed by our strong team to help the rural belt work smoothly and efficiently both in supply chain and e-Commerce market," says Siddharth Das, Co-Founder, and Director. Following a hybrid and a omni Channel technology model for the rural and semirural areas, the professional team at Ruralnomics has envisioned to deliver services on agriculture, e-Commerce and supply with the help of local support.This has automatically paved the way to transform the supply space and e-Commerce of the North-Eastern market as well as improve the agriculture sector.

"We are here to organize the unorganized supply market by implementing the right technology, e-payments, e-Commerce, and delivery along with producers and consumers," Siddharth adds. Focusing to serve the locals with the vision to uplift them, the company is reliant on the theory of bringing positive changes following a cost effectiveness approach. Ruralnomics however launched its first B2B and B2C product Runo Fresh that rapidly grabbed the market of Assam and Meghalaya and now focusing on Sikkim and Mizoram . The supply and delivery of this particular product took place with the help of a technology platform
enabling customers and retailers to order online. This has enabled the customers to order fresh farm food and meat online.

To focus on 'Local for Local' and 'To Uplift Local', it has introduced its maiden product 'RunoFresh' in Assam on 3rd October, 2020. “RunoFresh is our first step to connect the suppliers, market, and consumers through a standardized and flexible delivery model," Siddharth explains. The company has attained Recognition by Startup India 2021 and as Top Ten Essential Ecommerce Company by Govt Authorities along with several other awards and Acceleration Program with IIM C & JICA (Focus), AIC SMU and Prime. Ruralnomics recently won the North East Launch pad Award.

The professional team at Ruralnomics has visioned to deliver services on agricul ture, e-commerce, and supply with the help of local support

Ruralnomics is all set to extend its services to other states of North East through an organized Omni Channel Meat Shops. They plan to open 32 retail best in Class Meat Shops, thus creating an Experience in buying meat. They are of the opinion that meat buying can also be a great experience for consumers in semi rural and rural areas. With different branches operating in different systems and theories, Ruralnomics is determined to uplift the rural working community by delivering them with their requirements

RunoAgri, on the other hand, is an organic mushroom cultivating theory where the company is applying IoT solutions to two different factors i.e. temperature and humidity. Though they are still in the ideation stage, the company has done a deeper penetration in the farmer's side of the farm in Meghalaya. It is however an OTT and Predictive Platform for organic farming integrating among state bodies, farmers, international councils and sensor based Apps helping farmers and organic producers with predictive data to improve productivity. This is a unique value added service planned by the company to bring in the rural agriculture sector. Agriculture scientists maintain this product through organic research. While this platform offers satellite photography and sensors, phase tracking.