RV ON: Bringing the Best-in-Class Caravan Experiences in India

Ajay Kalra,  Managing Director

Ajay Kalra

Managing Director

Caravan tourism is an emerging travel offering in India with the potential to rapidly grow and contribute to the enhancement of sustainability by providing a low carbon footprint travel option at offbeat places. The sustainable tourism industry in India is expected to grow rapidly from its projected value of $26.01 mn in 2022 to $151.88 mn by 2032, at a CAGR of 19.3 percent between the years 2022 and 2032. Looking at the growth of this sector, various travel companies have emerged with promising services. RV ON is one such leading Caravan holiday company in the country that enhances eco-tourism without compromising on comfort and luxury for its guests.

The idea of a Caravan company was first perceived when the founder of the firm used to travel around the country “I am very fond of traveling and love to take breaks on the way to savor the landscape and the local experiences. However, with flights and train rides, it’s not possible to take impromptu breaks during the journey. Road travels are the only choice, yet most people rush to their destinations and don't stop to explore because basic facilities like food and hygienic washrooms are not available everywhere. Caravanning creates an option where anywhere is a good spot to spend more time en route to your destination. In
India, we are now beginning to build the ecosystem conducive to Caravanning governments have started to roll out policies around Caravanning, people have started exploring new vistas of travel, and private enterprises like ours, are playing a pivotal role in providing Caravanning experiences to discerning travelers”, shares Ajay Kalra, MD, RV ON.

RV ON is known for providing memorable, adventurous, and luxurious Caravan trips to its guests. The firm curates Caravan trips that offer a set of unique overnight experiences, like staying on a stud farm, amidst sand dunes, by a riverside, atop a mountain, or in the middle of a tea estate, and more, in addition to the luxury Caravan for travel and lodging. “Our Caravans are designed to provide best-in-class comforts for short/long haul journeys for 4 adults and up to 2 furry pets. The Caravans are equipped with modern-day comforts for safe and hygienic travel, piloted by a crew of 2, one of whom is a driver and the other is a butler. We ensure that our Caravan sites are scenic, hospitable, and safe. We have adopted sustainability practices which is our contribution to making the planet a more livable space for generations to come”, says Ajay Kalra.

RV ON is known for providing memorable, adventurous, & luxurious Caravanning experiences to its guests

RV ON is constantly looking to leverage technology to standardize and adapt for consistency and clarity in communication. The firm has developed a network of stakeholders who provide services consistently and without burning a hole in the pocket and has access to the best of the best for advice, guidance, mentorship, and even business. It has a good presence in north India. RV ON specializes in Experiential Travel and is slowly but surely making a mark in this unique space of Caravanning.

Future Roadmap
RV ON has seen gradual and steady growth in the sector since its inception in 2019. The company's goal is to expand all over India and is looking for appropriate partners to help it accomplish its vision of making Caravanning a norm in India. RV ON's long term goal is to be a leader in the development of the Caravan culture in India. The company is leaving no stone unturned to meet its mission ‘Reimagine Road Trips’ by giving every Indian the chance to enjoy the benefits of Caravanning on their next vacation.