Saanvitec Consultants: Trusted Hiring Partner

Jairaj VR,  Founder & CEO

Jairaj VR, Founder & CEO

If opportunities are searched from the heart, the road towards success becomes straight and smooth. Looking at the recruitment industry of the nation,there are a lot of opportunities that present themselves everyday for an individual to avail it and serve common good. Since last couple of years, this industry has undergone revolutionary changes and now stands on firm grounds owing to relentless efforts of industry veterans.

There is a huge difference between the expectation of the candidate and the expectations of the company. This fact is constantly creating drawbacks in the clause of employ ability that is affecting the youth of the country. "This short coming is mostly being observed in the candidates coming from the tier-2 and tier-3 cities who don't have much knowledge about the interview processes and soft skills needed for cracking an interview. They ought to be trained
in a proper manner so that they gain the capability to compete in this fast moving world. The gap in employ ability and showing candidates the right career paths is the sole motto of this company", says Jairaj VR, Founder & CEO, Saanvitec Consultants.

"Saanvitec has been able to acquire more than 90 clients which include small and big organisations and Startup"

An Array of Services
Saanvitec came into being three years ago with the aim to provide the right employment to the right candidates especially the ones from the tier-2 and tier-3 cities. The recruitment program that gets carried out at Saanvitec serves a holistic purpose. It starts from the scratch by making the candidate understand the right future option and then train them towards reaching the goal. "For example, if a boy from one of the backward region of the country has a degree in commerce and wants further assistance from us regarding employment, it falls on our shoulders to make that boy understand about the fintech sector completely in the beginning. He should have a firsthand experience and knowledge about the do-main that suits his qualifications and also make him excel in life", asserts Jairaj.

The company has created its own training program "Prayukthe" which
means Employability in Sanskrit to help its candidates do better in the future. The Prayuk the Program by Saanvitec has gained much traction amongst job seekers because of the fruits that can be availed from it. It is in continuous process of training and placement that goes on in the most satisfying manner that is being executed by the company. A recruitment program was done by Saanvitec in association with the Rotary Club of Bangalore that went successful beyond limits. Jairaj states, "We have collaborated with some of the big corporate companies as well as the startups that are in the process of growth. All these companies look up to Saanvitec for recruitment as their first priority."

Growth & what lies Ahead
Saanvitec started with only one person and now operates with a team of 12. It has been able to acquire more than 90 clients which include small and big organisations and startups. Saanvitec will be opening offices in Hyderabad and Chennai soon. In line with this, on a very different and enlightening note, the company has created a lot of "work from home" options for women that it wants to be among the top services provided by it. "We go by the motto of one smile per minute and all the members of Saanvitec are dedicated to it. We expect to achieve our motto by the year of 2025", Jairaj concludes.