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Raj Sivaraju, Founder & CEO
Raj Sivaraju
CEO & Founder

Renting as a concept is not new to Indians. It is one of the oldest approaches in the books, and any day more economical and feasible than owning things. Over the years, it has helped people lead an aspiring lifestyle. Be it from renting bicycles from the cycle shops to renting books from the Libraries. Today, the shared economy pioneers like Uber, Airbnb, and Zoom Cars are redefining the entire industry. The renting ecosystem thrives like never before!

Raj Sivaraju, Founder & CEO, SabRentKaro, says “Surprisingly, when we did our in-house research, we found that at least 40-50 percent of the products that people buy for their homes are either being used once or twice in a week or 10 days. Otherwise, they don’t even touch those products. For instance, if you look around the house, you have products that are lying idle without much use. Therefore, we wanted to create a warehouse out of every single household. That has been our intention since inception. Though we may have been focusing more on B2C rentals currently, I do believe the true scalable solution would be when individuals can participate by putting their underutilized assets online and being to monetize their products.”

The Start of SabRentKaro
The ideation of SabRentKaro began in one of those casual discussions between Raj Sivaraju and his 15-year-old son, where his son wanted to buy a new PS 4 game, which roughly costs around INR 4.5-5,000. Sivaraju had already got his son a game a few months back, and his son had already finished playing all of them and didn’t want to play them anymore. Interestingly, the very next thing he said changed everything,‘Dad, I’ve got an idea, why don’t I put my games online and invite my friends to put their games too, so that we can exchange it rather than buying one.’ Astonishingly, his son was successful and got the game he was looking for, without having to spend a single rupee.

Fascinated by his son’s revolutionary idea, Sivaraju, who knows the inside-out of IT and software development immediately conceptualized the idea and developed a rental platform focusing on exchanging games.“Where people can put their games online, and anybody who wants to rent it can pay the very minimal amount and enjoy the game. For example, anybody who has 5 to 6 games, per game could easily make INR 100-200 every time they rent it out for a couple of days,” narrates Sivaraju.

That was the start of SabRentKaro, where the company built an infrastructure for people to rent anything and everything.

The Journey of Changing Mindsets
Founded in 2015, SabRentKaro had minor hiccups in the initial stages. But, in a short span of time the company has overcome them all and has gained positive responses from the customers and vendors, Sivaraju recalling them says “When we talk about peer-to-peer renting platform, nobody trusts us with their products for obvious reasons. Therefore, we quickly created a process where every individual product gets verified and tested for quality, where we made sure to capture the KYC, ensuring the safety of their product along with the renters who are taking those products on rent are also verified.”

Restoring trust in the renting space, SabRentKaro provides reliable value -added services to the products. For example, if a customer rents a washing machine, bike or a car from the platform,the company at the end of the rent ensures that it is serviced and checked for any damages and rectified immediately. Also,if acustomer rents a laptop, camera
or any other gadgets, the insurance starts automatically.“This gives a lot of confidence to our customers as well as the vendors, where we ensure quality services at every step of the process,”avers Sivaraju. SabRentKaro was the first platform in India to have devised a new insurance product specifically for product renting which would be like a typical travel insurance. The insurance starts when a product is rented out, and ends when the rental period ends.

" SabRentKaro provides an array of products, which includes right from air conditioners to home furniture, cars to luxury bikes, appliances to automobile, jewellery to electronics and more."

Reinventing Lending & Renting Experience – Monetizing Underutilized Assets, Saving Money & Time
The moment somebody thinks about renting. It is either about an apartment or a house, maximum a bike or a car. SabRentKaro changing the perspective of people in the industry is not just restricted to a fewer classification but offers a gamut of products that the customer can either rent for a temporary period of time or lend products that they use less thereby earning a smart income. At present, the company provides an array of products, which includes right from air conditioners to home furniture, cars to luxury bikes, appliances to an automobile, jewellery to electronics and more.

In addition to this, SabRentKaro has a concept called Rent2Own, where the interested B2B2C party can provide products to their employees to rent for a long-term, and after the renting period is complete, they can own the item. Above all, it has paved a path to easy and convenient logistics, where it provides product to customer’s doorsteps with easy pick-up and delivery services at a nominal cost. Heavily investing in technology, the platform shows real-time tracking of the products, offers flexible payment options, markets the products as per customers search and recommendations, and ensures smooth operation of the process with the support of customer care centre.

Enthralled to provide topnotch solution, the company focuses on quality. Throwing light on the same Sivaraju says “We provide training to our vendors so that the product quality is consistent. Recently, we have come up with a vendor engagement model, to analyze the performance and reliability. We are in talks with some of the brick and mortar companies to partner with us.”

Overall, SabRentKaro offers an end-to-end rental ecosystem with a built-in e-commerce facility. In a short span of time, the company has attracted the attention of customers and corporates looking for options not only to rent products for short-term but to save money and time.

Mithun Pentuker,Co-Founder, SabRentKaro states“Today, for many corporate firms, we have become their preferred renting partners. They can rent the product without any deposit. Additionally, we offer great deals on rented products listed on our platform and more.”

The Future is SabRentKaro
Based in Hyderabad, SabRentKaro is currently operating in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore,and Vizag. Soon, plans to expand to Mumbai, Jaipur and other metro cities. Growing 67 percent YoY, the company in rentals, website traffic, and registered users has seen 44, 213, and 122 percent YoY growth. The team SabRentKaro has also matured to 28+ members.

Optimistic about the future of the company, Sivaraju concludes “We truly believe that in the coming days, we will remain ubiquitous in the renting ecosystem. Our platform will be the place where every household will be coming in to start monetizing their underutilized assets. We will be the one-stop shop for mindless consumerism that the society currently dragged into.”

Raj Sivaraju, Founder& CEO, SabRentKaro
Sivaraju has a robust IT industry
experience of more than 26+ years. As a business leader, he loves to work with people and use technology extensively to enable successful businesses. He empowers team with confidence and tool. He believes that 'people make it happen through machines.'

He has an MBA degree from Delhi University and has worked with companies like Countrywide Mortgage Services, Deloitte, and Broadridge Financial Solutions in higher management levels. At Deloitte, he was the Regional Technology Director. Throughout his professional stint, Sivraju’s forte relies on empowering process and business with demonstrated capabilities in leading development and support for operational software services.

His experience of working in the IT sector, setting up/developing as well as handling software development units, excellence at managing multi-crores businesses and projects, both nationally and internationally has helped him in setting up a first of its kind niche venture SabRentKaro. His devoted insight and comprehensive knowledge operations while leading technological developments with strategic marketing activities have helped him the take business to a whole new level.

At SabRentKaro, Sivaraju wears multiple hats and takes care-of end-to-end business operations, technology, and product development team. He believes that a true leader always leads by example. But, when he started his company in 2015, he realized that it takes more than this.

Sivaraju sharing his success mantra says “I truly believe that everybody has their strengths and weaknesses.If we can garner the strength collectively, and put them to the right use, we can create wonders. In-fact,every individual in my organization right from the Chaiwala to a one-year-old programmer to highest level personal, everybody is treated equally, and everybody can participate in our meetings.”

RentKaro... SaveKaro...
• Rent Products on SabRentKaro
SabRentKaro has built a rental platform that is secure and easy to use by the customer. SabRentKaro has incorporated all the features of e-commerce platform to ensure one-stop rental experience.

• Product Delivery and Pick-up Services
Now renting is so easy and convenient. SabRentKaro provides product doorstep pick-up and delivery services at a nominal cost.

• Keeping Track of Your Rentals
With a unique dashboard, SabRentKaro now provides the customer with an easy way to track all the rental cycles and payment details at one place.

• Rent Products, Renew or Cancel
The customer can renew the rental cycle with ease online. Just click and continue. The company understands that sometimes the customer needs to cancel the booking when they rent products. Everything facilitated at SabRentKaro!

• Convenient Payment Facilities to Rent
SabRentKaro is a fully secure end-to-end e-commerce portal. The customer can pay by net banking or credit card. The company has introduced EMR (EasyMonthlyRent) wherein the customer can convert the rentals (more than INR 1,000 and 60 days) into easy monthly payment mode. For those who wish to pay by cash, the platform has PayCash option wherein the customer can pay the rental in cash.

• Customer Service
Technology is interfaced with human interaction to bring in excellent convenience when a customer rents products. Their dedicated customer service team will guide the customers in choosing right when they rent products on SabRentKaro.

• Insurance when You Rent Out
The products that you listed for renting are covered by insurance. The company follows a strict moderation and verification process of the products.