Sabzilana: Online Fruits & Vegetables Store

Ragesh Pugalia,CEO & Founder

Ragesh Pugalia

CEO & Founder

The e-Commerce space is being faced to cover thick-layers of habits of traditional-shopping by the new layer of the next-gen business model. As people hear new things, patterns, and styles, it is appreciated. But, somewhere down the line, they feel reluctant to adopt because they are comfortable doing it the old ways. Particularly, the Sabzi people, who succumb to the traditional method – touch/feel. One company that is breaking the habit and providing untouched hygiene, on-time, rapid delivery, and ease of shopping experience to its customer at their doorsteps is Subzilana, Nagpur-based online fruit, and vegetable delivery start-up incubated at Lemon Ideas.

“When we put the reality of unethical practices, unsanitary conditions of care on the eatables by traditional vendors before the people, they first hear us, hear from others, test us, then start searching for evidence to counter us, and then shop on our platform. Therefore, we keep the 24 carat purity of products, services, and commitments,” mentions Rajesh Pugalia, Founder & CEO, Sabzilana.
From Small to Big – Finding Purpose, Productivity and Priority
A successful business owner in Iron and steel market, Rajesh Pugalia had worked in the traditional work-environment and found it pretty monotonous. His desire to work with the young-minds, solving the heating issues of the society and bringing cultural shift by providing business opportunities to the youngsters led to the start of Sabzilana.

"Achieving and maintaining quality at every step of the process, Sabzilana serves the veggie completely untouched, thus preserving the veggie life and freshness up to 7 days"

Founded in October 2015, the company has had a roller coaster journey in understanding the customers’ mindset. “Since the very beginning, we have adopted the policy that we will run our project as per customer feedbacks, as they wish us to stay flexible and renovate the platform as per their suggestions. Results, we have 95 percent appreciation feedbacks,” says Rajesh, contented.

Quality& Freshness, Guaranteed!
Achieving and maintaining quality at every step of the process, Sabzilana serves the veggie completely untouched, thus preserving the veggie life and freshness up to 7days. For cleaning the product, the team uses natural water and does not use any chemicals throughout the process. It gives the veggie ultra-fresh look and attracts emotions. Most importantly, no-questions
-asked during the return, the customers have the liberty to return any product for any reason, and Sabzilana is happy to replace them for free, instantly. Also on-time and rapid delivery of fruits and vegetables make Sabzilana a preferred choice. "We have a record of 99 percent on-time delivery," asserts Rajesh.

Ensuring the ease of shopping, Sabzilana's user-friendly website, Android, IOS application, and the flexibility of ordering through calls, WhatsApp, and Paytm gateway among others is changing the game in the industry. Today,Sabzilana is changing the way veggie is being delivered in the Nagpur region. Mr.Deepak Menaria, Founder, Lemon Ideas, who is also a mentor of Sabzilana says “We are happy to mentor &support, which is pushing a new dimension of hygiene in the vegetable shopping for its consumers. The key aspect for its penetration would be innovation and wonderful experience to its users."

In the years to come, Sabzilana will cross the BEP level in March 2019, and as per their growth domino, the company will reach a significant growth level of INR 1300 million turnovers, and gain profit of INR 200 million with its plans to expand in 20+ cities, and team strength of about 2000+ employees. Optimistic about the future, Rajesh concludes “In the coming days, we might open opportunities for the investors. We are keen to take-off our project touch new high with more like minded but less greedy people.”