SAGA Technologies: Providing Cyber security & Infrastructure Audits To Businesses

Amey Rajiv Naik,DirectorBusinesses are very particular when it comes to cyber crime these days. While storage and accessibility over the cloud offer tons of benefits, there is no denying the fact that any possible loophole opens new doors for malware. Terms like phishing, data lynching, and malware are not new in the era where businesses have opted for complete digitalization.

In a nutshell, cybersecurity is important and business¬es should constantly upgrade their security regimes for protecting valuable data. This calls out for reaching out to the professionals in the segment and SAGA Technology is one such player that provides cyber security services and solutions to organizations globally. SAGA has no industry bar when it comes to picking its clientele, it rather caters to all kinds of industries.

Saga Technologies offers the following services - IT Infrastructure Audits, IT Management Consulting, Information Security Audits, NOC / SOC Services, Compliance Consulting, Remote IT Support Services, In-house software, Honey-pot solution, WAF. “These services and solutions help our clients to maintain their security, integrity, and confidentiality, helping them for maintaining the excellency of cyber security of their organization” Amey Rajiv Naik, Director
Consultants, Not Salespersons
The business approach for SAGA is to act as a consultant, rather than a salesperson. “Our intent at SAGA, always is to be thorough in our approach, whatever be the nature and size of the opportunity at hand. With deep knowledge in-house and access to thoroughbred thought leaders in the field as collaborators, as well as the best-in-class OEMs, you can be rest assured that every single proposal you see from us, is well thought out.” says Amey Rajiv Naik

Research by GISWS highlighted that almost 66% of the cyber security workforce that was the part of the study lacked the right skill set to combat the attacks that are being fabricated currently. The COVID-19 outbreak moved almost all businesses online and countries across the world have implemented precautionary measures for data security. The work from home culture adopted by the organizations as a necessity has resulted in a rise in the adoption of video communication platforms.

The new domain registration on these video communication platforms, including Zoom, has rapidly increased in the past few months. It is evident that there is a shortage of Cyber Security professionals in the market but the scope of Cyber Security jobs in India is growing and eventually more millennials are expected to contribute to the explosive growth.

SAGA is an end-to-end solution provider offering tailored solutions

Changing The Landscape In The BFSI Sector
SAGA Technologies has played a pivotal role in changing the landscape in the BFSI sector and Stockbrokers specifically. An influencing factor is, that not all customers have the provision to deploy service of SEM, hence, SAGA Technologies provides them at their office.

SAGA Technologies has witnessed a progressive journey so far with two major factors in role. Firstly, all the major regulators envisage that it’s a need of the hour to bring Cyber Security compliance in place for its allied members. Secondly, Covid-19 played its part, as people rushed to work from home. It led to more frequent cyber-attacks. SAGA was at the right place at right time to cater to the need for a sudden surge in demand. The future roadmap for the company is quite simple, i.e. best services at affordable prices and focus more on the product development front.