Saina Play: One-Stop-Platform for a Range of Malayalam Content

Aashiq Bava, Founder

Aashiq Bava


The Malayalam film industry, renowned for its rich storytelling and artistic depth, is a vibrant component of Indian cinema. Known for producing compelling narratives that transcend traditional boundaries, Malayalam films have gained global acclaim. The industry's landscape is characterized by a blend of traditional and contemporary storytelling, showcasing various genres. With a strong focus on quality content, the Malayalam film industry continues to captivate audiences, contributing significantly to India's cultural and cinematic heritage. Saina Play, a renowned player in the Malayalam entertainment landscape, traces its roots back to 1985 as a leading distributor of movies and music.

Founded by Aashiq Bava, Saina Play has transformed into a state-of-the-art OTT platform and a major regional player in Kerala with its content selection and marketing strategies. With an extensive history dating back nearly 40 years, Saina holds a significant position in the entertainment industry (since 1985), progressing from video cassettes and audio tapes to VCDs, DVDs, BLU-RAYs, and digital film and music distribution. The brand has established partnerships with over 600 renowned film producers, and provides an extensive content collection accessible across various platforms.

Malayalam Media Evolution

Since its establishment in 1985, Saina Play has transformed from a traditional movie and music distributor to a pioneering OTT platform. Motivated by the decline in physical media and a passion for technological
advancement, the Founder initiated 'Saina Play.' The company aims to create cutting-edge streaming platforms, emphasizing the significance of Malayalam content in Indian cinema. With a mission to support the film industry and a vision of becoming a prominent regional player, it aspires to deliver exceptional content to a diverse audience, making its mark in India's entertainment landscape. The platform faced initial challenges in handling a sudden surge shortly after the 2018 launch. However, through a learning curve and the support of individuals like Binu Balan, the company successfully navigated these obstacles, achieving a top three position among regional players in Kerala.

Saina Play is a pioneering force in Malayalam entertainment, curating top-tier content & transforming from a distributor to a digital giant

Saina Play offers diverse services, boasting a rich catalog of over 600 Malayalam movies, web-series, short films, shows and more, catering to a broad audience across the globe. The company's flagship offerings include a streaming platform that showcases established content and serves as a launchpad for emerging talent. With a strong focus on nurturing new creators, the firm provides a platform for content execution, creation, and distribution. “Beyond being a conventional streaming service, the company actively promotes the growth of the film industry by encouraging aspiring filmmakers”, says Aashiq Bava, Founder.

Saina Play stands out in the market as a transformative force in the Malayalam entertainment landscape. Noteworthy hidden gems like 'Pendulum' and 'Ennivar' highlight its dedication to showcasing quality art beyond commercial considerations. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company enhances user experience with features like vertical video viewing. DRM protection underscores its commitment to data security and regulatory compliance. The firm prioritizes customer feedback, recognizing its pivotal role in shaping the viewer experience. Actively seeking and valuing insights, the company uses customer input to refine content and ensure a more engaging and resonant platform. Positioned among the Top III regional players in Kerala, Saina Play prioritizes content quality over star cast, aiming to become India's premier regional platform, fostering a community that celebrates and uplifts filmmakers.

Envisioning a dynamic future, Saina Play focuses on expanding its footprint in movies and music, emphasizing production and distribution. The company is dedicated to nurturing the 'Creator' community, discovering talents, curating compelling scripts, and collaborating with production houses to bring captivating stories to life. The firm is committed to extending support beyond its platform, guiding film producers to explore new opportunities, and ensuring that exceptional content receives the global recognition it deserves.