Sakshem IT : Feelings In Technology (sIT- fIT)

Jyoti Chopra, Chetan Handa & Sanjeev Chhibber, Founder Directors,Rahber Siddqui, Technology Officer
At present, the human race is closely associated with technology than ever before. One of the major reasons for tech becoming a significant and vital part of our life is digitization. The digital era has over-taken not only an individual's life but the commercial set-up as well. Irrespective of the nature of the business, every company is marking a digital footprint in today's world. Also, it has become imperative for any organization to leave a positive digital footprint and serve the customers. Understanding this, Sakshem IT led by Jyoti Chopra and Rahber Siddqui came into being. The brand focuses on reaching out to the customer's feeling while developing solutions for them.

The Genesis
In 2014, Jyoti Chopra and Rahber Siddqui embarked on the journey of Digital transformation at Glaze Trading India Pvt Ltd. Later on, with the complete support of Chetan Handa & Sanjeev Chhibber, the co-founders of Glaze, Sakshem IT emerged as a separate entity that offers end-to-end tech-enabled IT solutions. With the exceptional experience gained from Glaze's digital revolution and having it as the first esteemed customer, the company has remained focused on developing the strategy based on integrating `digital' into all aspects of the business, from processes and data to the operating models and the work culture.
With complete governance and process adherence along with usage of high-end techniques like Prince2 technology, CMMI, Agile, and others, it builds robust business applications that are cost-effective and requires low maintenance. It concentrates on reducing the repetitive maintenance expenditures. Within two years of revolution, the Sakshem IT Team has been gaining confidence and carving a niche in the market and now with this drive, it is delivering several projects.

Products & Services
Adhering to advanced strategies, the company is being able to proceed with a big mission of reducing IT costs, deliver systems faster, and make systems more secure. The company executes projects such as sIT-fIT HRMS - end-to-end HR suite, Shikshalaya ­School ERP, PMS- Project Management System & sIT-fIT Helpdesk- Ticketing system. Following practices such as CMMI and ITIL, it offers services on Business Automation, ML, IoT, Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, Mobile App & Digital Marketing. Sakshem IT puts focused approach around the security aspect in all IT solutions, starting from the requirement to the realization of the product.

The company helps its clients with solutions like application development that includes custom development, integration and product rollout. Its expertise revolves around business process re-engineering and organizational transformations to help organizations adopt new processes and technology changes. "We strongly believes in the sIT-FIT methodology where we listen to the feelings behind any project/dream of our customer and we try our best to reflect the same in final delivery hence the customer feels delighted," says Jyoti, Director IT.

Adhering to advanced strategies, Sakshem IT is being able to proceed with the big mission of reducing IT Costs, deliver systems faster, and make systems more secure

The Growth
With a strong team of analysts and other professionals who strive to meet the organization's goals, the company now houses over 80 members. Apart from the group of companies that are Glaze' clients, the company is serving external clients as well. It is executing projects successfully in India and handling a major project in the US. Eying the future, Sakshem IT plans to come up with advanced AI-based solutions and expands the footprints to Canada in the year coming forth. By launching new products the start-up anticipates major market share in 2020. With its business knowledge and technical skills, the company strives to engage more customers for digital transformation in different verticals.