Saleon Consulting: Implementing Tailor-made Strategies via Salesforce Acceleration and Innovation

sandeesh phulkar,FounderNowadays, Salesforce is a leading CRM platform. Businesses must know their customers, partners & prospects, and they can do it by gathering more information about them with the help of Salesforce. With the blend of programming and automation techniques, Salesforce can be used in various business divisions to achieve successful operations. The Tableau Salesforce brings data to life with new & innovative dashboards & reports, setting all the information needed on the same page, saving time & making better analyses on the data, reinventing both customers & employee experience.

Saleon Consulting is a registered Salesforce Consulting Partner established in 2019 by Sandeesh Phulkar, having 11 years of Salesforce experience. He is a former Einstein Analytics Champion and has consulted and implemented a huge number of projects in his career, so it wouldn't be wrong to say that he knows the best use of the platform for his customers. Sandeesh used to work in the US as a Technical Architect with a well-reputed company before the establishment of Saleon.

He believes that technologies like Salesforce that have seen huge success in the Americas and EMEA will make their place in markets like India and APAC. "There is a huge potential for Indian companies to streamline their business processes into one CRM solution like Salesforce and get the 360-degree version of their customers in one place, which is where most of the companies are struggling," signifies Sandeesh Phulkar, Director at Saleon Consulting.
Saleon Consulting provides consultation and development across the Salesforce platform. The niche provided by Saleon is into the implementation of Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics). Saleon helps its clients build amazing dashboards which can be used to monitor and track KPIs through visual charts.

The firm classifies its services in four major categories to cater to their audience, which includes Tableau CRM (EA) for existing Salesforce Users, Einstein AI including Einstein Discovery, Prediction Builder & Sales Cloud Einstein, Core Salesforce Implementation for Sales & Service Cloud, Lightning Migration and Development Services across MSB's & Enterprise Accounts in Financial Sector (including NBFCs and Fintech companies), Healthcare, E-Commerce, Technology firm & Manufacturing sector.

Moreover, Saleon has a specialized and dedicated team who are certified experts by salesforce for all Ein-stein Analytics aspects. Saleon is a tight-knit company of more than 20 employees who can get the hands-on benefit of working on a cloud-based platform; users can access the data from anywhere which makes the team light and flexible to work from any location.

In the growing competition and tremendous pressure, it is not just the performance that gets hampered but also the mental health of employees. At Saleon, the team has an open culture to maintain the work-life balance. Further, being a flat and young organization, the chemistry among the team is amazing making the working environment jovial and friendly.

The team is both diverse and mixed with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Each person is reachable to another person and works together as one big team. Saleon follows a transactional leadership style, where everything is measured in terms of performance and value-added to the customers. The leaders are democratic and follow a coaching style to ensure that new leaders are groomed and given an opportunity. Further, every day there is an innovation happening around the world.

Saleon plans the journey for the employees to keep them updated with the latest trends and technology. The objective is to stay abreast with the technology and make the best use of it for the individual and organizational level. It helps associates with certification sponsorship so that they skill up and at the same time help the customers with their expertise."

We are planning to grow not just as an organization, but as a family. Our management is dedicated to the growth and wellbeing of our employees. As we grow in business and strength, we have strategies to strengthen our community. We are looking forward to including a recreational area for rejuvenation of the team, add up a cafeteria to keep the team energetic, increase office space from currently 40 seating to 100 seating space," concludes Sandeesh Phulkar.