Sanguine Capital: Advising & Educating about Investment

Jayant Kwatra, FounderSustenance is costing an arm and a leg for commoners. Control over deliberate and fortuitous expenditure is very much intractable. Measuring up to the highcost of living has become quite burdensome for one and all. In such ball game, it becomes mandatory to keep an eye on the expenditures. Natheless, Jayant Kwatra stepped forward to direct people exercise control over their pay outs through his setup Sanguine Capital a self made advisory firm offering Education & Advisory Services in the financial industry. The primary objection of the company is to provide a helping hand to retail investors economize their money. In the main, it is endeavouring in educating individuals about the solutions it disburses and the mannerism in through which they can put these into good use.

“We perceived the fissure that existed between financial leaders and retail investors. This gap is allusively impacting the common man who approaches these firms to initiate savings. So our bid is to strengthen all such corporations by feeding them with all necessary knowledge about the industry and the mannerism to be adhered in order to perform adequately,” narrates Jayant Kwatra, Founder, Sanguine Capital.
The company maintains transparency and enables people to keep a track of their investments. And to assure the customers of being in safe hands, it has introduced the best and trusted fund managers who send every single word about the money they have invested, inform about the risk that pertains in the industry and suggest an effective course of action to cope with it. Above and beyond, Sanguine Capital forks out wide range of services such as Research& Advisory homing Money life & Weekend Investing services. These focuses attention on the clients financial needs including, investment & wealth management and mentoring invests in the Indian stock markets. As far as its educating initiative is concern, the company extends Stock Market Education through Diploma in Financial Market, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Option Trading Analysis, option Trading Module, and Mutual Fund programs.“Sanguine Capital offers all major financial services under one roof, providing both Education & Financial Services. Our Education includes Certified Financial Planning course, Diploma in Financial Market,Trading course, Investment course, mutual fund advisor course, derivative courses ,financial modelling. In Financial services we do offer DEMAT opening services, mutual fund advisory, Portfolio management services to clients. And to bestow the best enlightenment, we connect with the best investors & advisors to grasp valuable knowledge and information,” he informs conclusively.

Stepping up the Ladder
Backed by a proficient team, the company has clocked successive growth in the financial sector. The count of clients has also mushroomed by 50 to 60 per cent. It has set a huge market for itself, setting prodigious footprint in every sphere. “Even though we are not very big at present but we made big impact. Since the financial industry has given us great scopes and opportunities to grow and flourish immensely,” he states.

The company aspires to provide lucrative gains and returns to its investors, intending to ameliorate its own revenue at the same time. Being functional in cities like Mumbai and Faridabad, Sanguine Capital’s object of exercise is initiating its presences in every major city of the country. In his concluding sentence he says, “In the next five years, we aim to increase our revenue by 35 per cent and above and inaugurate more than 25 branches all over India.”