Satin Finserv: A Financial Leader Offering Business Loans to MSMEs & Individuals

HP Singh, Chairman & MD,Sumit Mukherjee, CEO

HP Singh, Chairman & MD

Sumit Mukherjee, CEO

Financial inclusion is world wide considered as a pivotal indicator of the development and welfare of society. While the past five years have witnessed the government making a few strides towards accelerating financial inclusion in India, the country continues to house the second largest unbanked population in the world despite some positive onground impact. Keeping in alignment with the nation's mission, the SATIN Group incorporated a new NBFC to handle its MSME business Satin Finserv Limited. SFL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Satin Creditcare Network Limited one of India's leading $1 billion groups with over 11,000 employees and 1,299 branches. Satin Finserv started its operations in March 2019, post receiving NBFC license from RBI. Born to become a significant contributor to the MSME space with a diverse range of financial services products and play its role in strengthening the Indian economy, the company has crossed 50 crores AUM within just seven months of its operations. The success saga of SFL doesn't end here. In these seven months, the company has a staff strength over to 100 with 12 branches and business operations across seven states. Also, the number of clients in underwritten is over 600. Sumit Mukherjee, the company's CEO, says "Our parent has supported us with timely

investments, great brand recall and lenders with whom they have a long lasting relationship which in turn is helping us to raise funds from the market. The board and Mr. HP Singh is backing the team to deliver and establish a great business."

Satin Finserv facilitates financial inclusiveness across the country and contributes to the nation’s overall economic development

Lending a Helping Hand
The micro and small business loan segments have huge potential, while several players have entered into this segment it is still underserved. Satin Finserv has been specifically established to fill a much needed gap in the market, targeting small business owners in manufacturing, trading, and services all customer segments that are usually denied mainstream access to organized finance. The company offers secured business loans as well as large ticket loans to NBFC MFIs. In both, the product offering the ultimate beneficiary is an underserved individual whose basic needs are met by SFL. This is a segment where most formal lenders are not willing to lend due to a lack of financial data and/or previous borrowing history. Satin Finserv facilitates financial inclusiveness across the country and contributes to the nation's over all economic development. These customers are unable to provide any kind of financial documents which will enable an assessment of their cash flows and hence support a positive decision to lend to such customers. SFL understands this problem and is continuously working to understand the need of the customer and meet their working capital needs to sustain and grow their businesses.

Great Company Culture at SFL
A company built on a foundation of happy employees is destined for success. SFL takes pride in its people and considers them as the most valuable assets each of them plays an indispensable role in the company’s journey to success. In a workplace that imbibes professionalism, enthusiasm, and ownership, the employees are encouraged to put their skills, knowledge, and experience to drive growth and productivity. SFL is set to scale up steadily by investing in people, processes, and technology where branch and product expansion will go hand in hand. With various other plans in the pipeline, SFL envisions becoming one of the most trusted and admired NBFC to aid financial services to entrepreneurs, MSMEs, and MFI companies.